Sociopathic Behavior


My medical specialty was not psychiatry, although I gave it some consideration before deciding on cardiology/surgery. That said and in light of my living through four years of Obama’s misdirection, lies and arrogance in the face of repeated failures - including the entirely avoidable disgrace in Benghazi in which American lives were lost as a result of indifference to their safety and allowing them to be "hung-out-to-dry - I am compelled to point out the following medical definition of a well researched and very serious personality disorder:

Sociopathic behavior involves a series of personality traits most often punctuated by a remorseless, careless, often blatant indifference and even overt disregard for the well being/safety of others along with an unjustified/inflated sense of self-worth that typically leads to the self perception of entitlement.

Dear President Obama - if the shoe fits, wear it!!


Krauthammer…a psychiatrist once called him a narcissist…which seems to fit by the definition.

“Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder[1] in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.[2][3] First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.”


MD…‘book’um Dano, Murder 1’


High there, Cam. Yes, narcissism is a key trait of the sociopathic personality. Krauthammer is the expert in this area, not I. However, I would offer that the difference between NPD and SPD is a quantitative difference, not necessarily a qualitative one - with one POSSIBLE? exception (remorse is unknown to the sociopath). I would love to sit in a corner with Krauthammer and discuss the human condition - not to mention our country’s condition. I would respectfully include you in the group as well.

17Oaks - we’ll get a chance to “book-um” on 11/6 - figuratively, of course. Let us hope we take advantage of the opportunity.


Heh…We were just talking here about how great it would be if Charlie K were to take a cabinet position for Romney. I think he has the best political mind on the planet…along with a love of country. He’s supposed to be a good chess player too. Would like to see him take on Putin! :smiley:

Doesn’t the sociopath feel remorse…for himself??
I think he will after Tuesday! :smiley:


… “remorse for himself.” You may be on to something there. =:>)


I voted already MD and the line was long to even get in the building…


Don, were you able to get a “feel” for voter sentiment of those in line with you? We always cast our ballots on election day. Enjoy the atmosphere I guess. Played golf with friends last week on a course at Heritage Ranch in Fairview, TX. It’s a course surrounded by homes within a gated community. Everywhere I looked residents had a Romney/Ryan sign posted in their front yard - saw perhaps 50 such signs driving to the clubhouse. Saw only 2 Obama/Biden signs - count 'em, two. Throwing an election party at our place Tuesday - been bringing in provisions the last few days. About 20 fellow “lake dwellers” will be over for the festivities - hope the election ends on a happy note. If it doesn’t I’m going to end up with a house full of pissed off Texans!! And I’ll be one of them.


LOL, yea, this is ranch country, F350, crew cabs, long bed dually driving folks. Cowboy hats, boots 'n jeans for dress up. I was going thru the check out at Home Dept last May and the little cutie who I know from shopping there and we always talk, was just getting off the phone and she was BESIDE herself…Prom coming up and her boyfriends Daddy was gonna let them use the F350, crew cab, long bed dually KING RANCH edition, little gal was so excited she was nearly in tears.

Not even sure if Obama was even on the ballot here. If you got an Obama sticker, you are just passing thru. Go in a eatery and FOX news is on the TV, you mention Obama here you are telling a joke or better be. And I am one of the OpEd writers for the 2 newspapers, that tell you anything…

Obama couldn’t carry his own water here…Obama WHO?


What’s interesting, (for lack of a better word at the moment), is we were having this same discussion about Clinton while he was president. Krauthammer even came up in the discussion, although I don’t recall which psychotic behavior he decided Clinton displayed/owned.

As far as Obama’s concerned, considering that stretch where he acted as if he didn’t even want to be president, I think he’ll shrug it off if he loses. The likelihood of him blaming others indicates an inability to have remorse - even for himself.

***Definately a layman’s take. Simply find the subject of interest.
Re: Clinton - It was right out there on public display for all to see. I’m not sure if the electorate was in denial, or worse, didn’t care.
Re: Obama - Perhaps if he’d been properly vetted, more would’ve seen it. Not that it would’ve made much difference, as Hillary Clinton is as psychotic as the both of 'em put together!