Soda, Pop, Soda Pop, Coke, Whatever -the soda recipe thread

I’m making a thread to do with soda recipes

My wife and I bought a SodaStream so I can make my own sodas and fill my addiction to fizzy drink. Two reasons this is a good idea were prominent in our minds:

  1. To save money -the cost per soda is significantly reduced

  2. To save my life from high fructose corn syrup/sugar and other bad things they put in there

I sweeten with stevia and/or Palm Sugar to lower the calories, carbs, and glycemic index of my sodas.

a third reason for this purchase was so I could unleash my creativity and interest in mixing flavors and pampering my palate.

This thread can be for other drinks as well; if you make something interesting that you relax with, please share!

Well first its “Coke” no matter what the Yankees here might say. Second if anyone has a good root beer recipe please let me know!!!

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I make a Mountain Dew soda that’s better tasting and better for you than Mountain Dew.

I start with palm sugar syrup that I make with about a 1-1 ration of water to pure coconut palm sugar

1/4 cup palm sugar syrup
1 TBSP 100% OJ concentrate
1/2-1 TBSP Lemon Juice
1/4-1/2 TBSP Lime Juice
1/2 Liter Carbonated Water

Mix the syrup and juices until smooth

Pour in the soda water


if you have caffeine and want to add caffeine, you should also add a bit of citric acid to balance the flavor

I’m very close to figuring out Dr. Pepper

Of course Dr. pepper supposedly has 23 different flavors of fruits and spices, and I accomplish a close flavor with 4-6

Almond flavor
Vanilla flavor
Coconut palm sugar <–has a bit of a caramel taste, so it is included as flavor as well as sweetener

possible others:
Jasmine (tiny bit if any)

Dr. Pepper company has denied prunes being in the recipe, and I have no suspicion that they are just trying to throw people off -it does not taste like prunes

What they have said is that they “start with exotic fruit from all over the world…” (Tamarind alone fills this because it grows all over Asia, Africa, and South America -but there likely are a few other fruits I have yet to figure out) “…and enhance them with spices from far off Madagascar” <–which a lot of spices grow there, so this does not reveal much…but Vanilla, cinnamon, cloves, and ginger grow there, which could easily be a part of the recipe.

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When I was in college at Penn State, we students were good at mixing our soft drinks. They didn’t come in bottles or cans; they actually had “soda fountains” in the student union. The base was usually coke (for you, Seravee, that’s coca cola). The most popular was to add a little cherry syrup. I like the lemon better. No, we didn’t mix them ourselves, the soda jerks did. I don’t know why they were called “soda fountains” or “soda jerks” (not sure if we used the latter term), because it was always “pop.” Except, that, when we went to the counter, we’d ask for a “cherry coke” or a “lemon coke.”


This annoys me to no end.

There is only one coke. The rest is all soda, or pop, or carbonated beverages. Dang Rebels…


Stop yer whining you damn Yankee!! It’s coke. It’s all coke!!!

Sometimes we asked for it with double cherry, or double lemon. Some pretty good stuff came out of those soda fountains. I don’t know if I ever tried anything other than those two, but I believe some did.

I get to be my own soda jerk. I like that.

I love instigating wars between the factions. I’m pretty sure that calling them all coke is racist though…

on another note, you can apparently get some yummy sodas without a fountain or carbonator. Use yeast and sugar and let it naturally ferment a little and it starts getting fizzy and releasing carbon dioxide.

See, yeast are these little organisms that metabolize (eat) the sugars and produce (fart) carbon dioxide, carbonating the soda. Just put it in the fridge after a few days so the farting stops and you don’t end up with some more potent drink -unless you want it.

Ginger bug and water kefer are a few varieties I want to try soon of fermented soda -because they also produce a variety of probiotics for your digestive system

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We made coke in our science class in 6th grade. Whoever got the closet won.

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well, “closest” could mean anything if everything is coke…

I’m going to post a cola recipe after I try it -it is not mine, I found it online, NY Times of all places-

When I try it, I’ll experiment. I have a suspicion that tamarind is also in the coke recipe, as one of the secret ingredients

part of my reasoning is that I’ve tried a suggestion give to me once, that adding vanilla and almond flavors to coke gets you a very close Dr. Pepper flavor, and I accomplish close to Dr. Pepper with a significant amount of tamarind.

So I’ll let everyone know my results -I don’t necessarily like Coke though, so I’ll be going for just making cola taste better

I have a book in which a murder mystery was solved because of what word the criminal used for soda pop - it was in an area where everyone said pop, and when someone asked for a coke he asked for clarification by saying, “Coca Cola?” That was just one of the hints, of course, but it led the detective in the right direction.

I think the PC term is “Soda of color.”


But not Coca-Cola, you can’t replicate Coca-Cola. It’s special…

When I was a kid growing up in Chicago, we used to go to this little “Five and Dime” store that had a little diner counter. We could get flavored “phosphates” (that’s what the counter clerks called them) like grape, cherry, pineapple, chocolate, lemon, vanilla, orange and other flavors. Pineapple was my favorite. They were just like regular pop except that they were mixed at the counter with fizzy water (carbonation) and some kind of flavoring that looked like syrup. They were really good and didn’t seem as sweet as pop is today. Also, I only tried “yoo-hoo” (is that the correct name?) once or twice. It tasted like watered down chocolate milk. Never quite developed a taste for it.

So is mexican coke. Ha!

Why you all making this so complicated! I’ll just be the taste tester and I’ll have the final say. I drank enough coke to tell which is the closest. I’m the best there is.

Magna-Cola rules…

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2 scoops of vanilla ice cream
A healthy pour of chocolate syrup
Soda Water
Whipped Cream and a cherry on top.

That is perfection.

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We once had a neighborhood soda fountain that served both bottled Coca Cola and Pepsi. The Pepsi guy (the man who delivered Pepsi syrup for fountain drinks) always said that he could instantly tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. He came in once and, as per usual, asked for a Pepsi. The owner, who had previously emptied a Pepsi bottle and replaced the contents with Coca Cola, handed him one–which he downed with gusto and left. To my almost certain knowledge, he’s STILL, 65 years later, never noticed the difference.