Software 'Glitch' In Michigan Erroneously Gave 1000s Of Votes To Biden

I’m reminded again of the Ralph Wiggam meme in the first year or so after Trump was elected:

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There is a story out of Wisconsin that election officials instructed vote counters to fix mail-in ballots that had problems like no address. By law, these ballots were supposed to been declared invalid.

The evidence keeps growing that there were numerous irregularities in the vote counting process. Most of them were with mail-in ballots, which is no surprise.

Unlike some here, we need to face facts. The Trump presidency is over. What we need to do is concentrate on the two Senate races in Georgia. We have seen some of the ways the Democrats cheat. I hope that our poll watchers are able to prevent their implementation this time around.

Why, when they could leave it open and hang it over his head? I think their preference is to have enthusiastic compliance. Kennedy is a last resort.

You don’t understand what the Federal bureaucracy has become. Oh, they might whitewash it if Biden is guilty with a statement like, “We have reviewed the evidence and no reason to continue.” But the computer investigation is over.

The mainstream news media will never cover it. There would need to a credible “Woodward and Bernstein Republican” and they are not going to emerge because they don’t work for outlets like The Washington Post which has (had) clout. If there are any reporters like that, they work Brightbart or some other place with no clout.

Biden will only get into trouble if he and his son continue their illegal activity, but he won’t be in office long enough for that.

Aren’t you going to feel foolish when the administration delivers evidence of hundreds of thousands of fraudulent ballots to the courts and they’re thrown out, giving the win to the good guy?


It’s over. Even if you prove fraud, you can’t throw out enough votes to change the results. Not enough fraudulent ballots can be thrown out.

Concentrate on Georgia. That is our last hope.

Exactly, I would like to think that after that happens people will finally start to realize that Trump has no baggage that can be used to make him surrender and no capacity to lose when he has won; but if it were possible to learn that it would already inspire confidence because he has been proving that for 4 years!

Predicting a Trump result based on what most Republicans would do in this situation is a good way to be wrong :thinking:

Every day I see more pieces falling into place and we have plenty of time with a good manager running the show :+1:


Actually, PA is still in play for Trump.

I think he meant for the Senate runoffs in January. Which, he’s absolutely right on. Donations from all over the country are pouring into the Georgia Dems’ funds.

Yes, I was referring to the Georgia Senate races. David Purdue came very close to getting passed the 50% threshold. He should make it the second time around. In the other race there were two Republicans in the race whose combined vote was over 50%.

The Democrats can flood money into the Georgia race, but it might backfire. Here in Florida Michael Bloomberg pledged $100 million to defeat Trump. There were more than two Biden ads for each Trump ad. One poll claimed Biden was up by ten points in the state. I knew that was bogus from the get go. Trump won the state by more than two points.

Yeah, based on how the general went the two R’s should be fine, but turnout at special elections can get tricky. Also, further to your point about needing to move on, Trump isn’t doing them any favors by not promoting them or encouraging R participation in the runoff. If by some miracle he pulls off overturning his own election, but loses the Senate, won’t the Dems just impeach him again?

I am sure that if a miracle happened Trump were to be re-elected, the Dems would impeach him again. Part of their strategy was to harass him while he was in office in the hope that he would get nothing done. He defied their strategy on that one.

As the run-off, both sides have a lot of motivation, but the Republicans might have more. Some less informed Democrats might figure that they won the Whitehouse and don’t need bother with run-off election.

The runoff will likely be one of the highest turnout special elections we’ve seen. It won’t necessarily go down like this, but it’s notable that Democrats are highly motivated to vote right now (thank you Trump) and the only reason Alabama had Doug Jones in the Senate was a special election. Well, I suppose Roy Moore being his opponent probably helped too.

When Georgia finishes the hand recount I doubt there will even be a special election; they instigated their own recount after noticing inconsistent results from their voting machines and non of the “glitches” moved Trump votes to Biden :rofl:

That likely means more votes for the GOP in the senate races as well :+1:

I that the only thing they were re-counting was the presidential vote. The Senate vote was not in play.

I heard the Senate vote was the original reason for testing the machines? :thinking:

I see you are right, they did limit the count to the Presidential race, that seems odd since the special election is going to cost a fortune that could possibly be saved by a recount now but I guess it’s their money.

I’ll take my track record on predictions over anyone here by a long shot. There is no way to throw them out even if proven. Why? Because they’re mixed in with the legitimate ones and impossible to distinguish. All we’ll technically know is a bunch of mail in ballots were bogus. But we can’t link them to a specific vote.

Re-votes aren’t even provided for in the Constitution. Unfortunately, the only thing you can do is build a fraud proof system in the future.

I’m also not even 100% convinced that anything illegitimate happened. I see abnormalities - strong indicators of vote rigging. But no proof. And because of how we have the system set up, there is no way to go back and demonstrate what was illegitimate.

For Perdue, yes. He’s at like 49.87%. But the other race had numerous people in it. The top person was under 30%. So the run off is happening no matter what. It’s just a question of one senator or two senators.

If the Supreme Court gives a wink to the fraud in these States it won’t matter who votes in the Georgia runoff election, the winners will be chosen before a single ballot is passed; and we will know by then what the Supreme Court did.

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Purdue almost got 50% of the vote in the first election. There were two Republicans in the other race. Together, they got more than 50%.

People think that Purdue fell short because of the Libertarian vote. I used to think that the Libertarians were a sort of conservative. Now I don’t know. One would think that they would want less or smaller government. Given that you would think they would not vote for the Democrats, but recently they have seemed to become more liberal than truly libertarian.

I think it’s a propoganda tactic of the dichotomous system to place blame on 3rd party votes. Rather than frame it as 3rd party voters lost it for Purdue, I prefer to think that Purdue didn’t campaign well enough to pull in independents with similar values.