Software Updates

Note the fake quote below where I said “Hmmm.”

Geesh! I’m missing a few spark plugs today… Thanks, FC!

Thanks everyone. We’ll have this resolved today.

Just tried to post a new thread in the Cigar Lounge. First it would not let me add a pic, then it would not let me post. I hit preview post just to make sure I got it right and it showed up fine in the preview. When I hit submit it turned grey and said my message was to short even with the preview still above it.

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Edit does not work (as you already know) but the link posted here and this posted after hitting preview so that’s something.

Looks like it’s back working again. It’s 5:00PM here in the CTZ.

Ok, I’m gonna try this…

Nope, still doesn’t work.

My bad. The edit function still wasn’t working, but someone complained that the reply with quote wasn’t. It is.

The ability to edit post should now work for everyone. Thanks everyone for finding the glitch. :beerchug:

Thanks, Zed.

NOPE! I tried to “edit” THIS post and got the same, grey space response.

Dave, can you try refreshing the page a few times? I believe the old buggy javascript might be cached in your browser.

Yippeeee!! It works! Thanks John and Zedd!!

Glad to hear. :grin:

And somewhat sad to note we are only able to update security patches on RO for now until we can figure out the problem with the new editor software.

We’ll do another round of updates this weekend.

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Just tried it and I was able to edit a post. Thanks!

Are you ever going to upgrade to vB 4.2.x?


Good to hear.

Please also consider using Tapatalk to assist those who wish to access RO from their phones or tablets. It’s free and takes minutes to set up.

I replied to your other request – I will not be installing Tap-a-talk. Will provide a separate option at a later date.