Soldier Slain In Orlando Gay Club Attack Might Qualify For Purple Heart…


The Army Reserve officer killed in the Orlando night club mass murder Sunday might qualify for a Purple Heart if the ongoing law enforcement investigation finds the attack was inspired by the Islamic State group, the Pentagon said Thursday.

DOD: Soldier Slain In Orlando Gay Club Attack Might Qualify For Purple Heart

This is an interesting twist of affairs. Here we have a soldier who may get a Purple Heart and yet when we had the killing at Fort Hood the victims were even denied benefits and it was called work place violence.

Fort Hood Victims Denied Benefits 4 Years Later -

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Looks like the reason he may be eligible is due to a law Congress passed to make the Ft. Hood victims eligible for the Purple Heart.

The situations were substantially different, IMO. The Ft. Hood shooting was on a military base, and the scumbag knew he was killing on-duty (disarmed) US soldiers. The Orlando shooting was in a nightclub, Captain Brown was off-duty, and all the victims were random targets of opportunity - the scumbag had no clue who he was killing.


Sadly the rules for PH have widened to the point that almost anyone any time for anything can get one. At one time the PH was the domain of the Combat soldier today far more are given to noncombatants.

Giving him a PH for which he clearly does not deserve, he was not in uniform, nor was he on active duty.

My guess this is coming from the WH to make the point on how brave gays are in the Army, its to give a gay a medal and splash it all over the news media.