Some 1978 blizzard pics of Chicago


Thought you might enjoy seeing some cool pictures!

(This was in Kokomo, Indiana about 40 miles east of Chicago)

(don’t know where this is but it sure looks like our old house!)

(This was not Lake Shore Drive, but just one neighborhood street.)

Now…here’s some better pics:

Buckingham Fountain at night.

This is in Grant Park which is north of the downtown area. It’s been so long since I’ve been home that I don’t know what this is. Pretty cool looking, though.

Although I am a White Sox fan, this is Wrigley Field-home of the Chicago Cubs.

I’ve never seen this thing either…

Real pizza…

Well, thank you for letting me indulge myself. I am probably the only one who will enjoy these pics, but that’s ok!


I think it was Route 6 we were on, in the storm referred to in the other post. The town I was trying to remember was Mokena.


Mokena!!! Yes, I have friends who live there. I think it might be the old Rte. 66, but maybe not. Route 6 could be the road. Excellent memory, Susanna!!


Well, I had to get the old atlas out to refresh the memory. I think we connected with 66 from 6. I remember driving around through parts of Chicago(surburbs, probably, actually), taking one side street after another in order to get around all the stranded traffic.


[quote=“ClassicalTeacher, post:1, topic:38164”]
I am probably the only one who will enjoy these pics, but that’s ok!
[/quote]Nice pics. I did indeed enjoy them.


Oh yeah! Those side streets!! Probably still the same! Gosh I miss it!