Some Conservatives Just Don’t Get It


Yesterday there was caller on the Rush Limbaugh Show who said he was done with Trump if he signed the immigration compromise bill. He said that Trump should veto the bill and start another government shutdown. Ann Coulter agree with a similar statement. Both of them ignored the wisdom of the late William F. Buckley, “It’s better to get half a loaf than no bread at all.” If you reject Trump, who is your candidate, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?

One of the reasons why Trump got part of what he wanted and a boost in his approval rating is that his main opponent, Nancy Pelosi, with her “no wall at all” and “$1 for the wall” statements came off looking like an inflexible politician with extreme positions and views. The compromise was a win for Trump and a down payment on what needs to be done.

Another government shutdown would have been a potential disaster for Trump. It could have hurt the economy, which has been one of his huge success stories, and it would have made him look unreasonable in the eyes of some independent voters.

With left imploding with stupid stuff like the Green New Deal and support for very late term abortions and even infantacide, Trump does not need to give the left any opening. There has to be more than one way to finiance what we need.


I don’t object NEARLY as much to the paltry amount budgeted for a wall as I am the severe reductions in the “allowable beds” for ICE arrestees. For that reason alone, I think President Trump should veto this “compromise” and declare an emergency and BUILD THE WALL. So I guess I’m one of those Republicans who “just don’t get it,” whatever “it” is.


The problem is when you vow to abandon Trump over this, you acting very stupidly. There are a few Republicans who have the stones to stand up for most any principle. Just look at ex House Speaker, Paul Ryan. He should have addressed a lot of these immigration issues during his watch, but he didn’t do the job. He went from a person I admired in 2016 to a person who was part of the problem in less than two years’ time.

If you dump Trump, who are you going to support who can get elected? The list is not long. Romney has run his mouth about how he doesn’t like Trump, and yet when he had the chance to be elected president, he dropped the ball. He didn’t have the courage to stand up and say what needed be said. Instead he came off as “Obama light” and lost the election.

And yes, I campaigned for guy, and ended up disappointed.


Beds? We don’t need no stinking beds. Cots, tents and pink underwear … hire Sheriff Joe to administer.