Some Good News For 49er Fans At Last!


On the heels of another 10+ loss season I just heard (unofficially) that Mike Singletary has been fired.

Since I think the odds of finding a 3rd head coach dumb enough to stake his future on Alex Smith is near impossible we 49er fans at least have some hope for a competitive team in the future.

Free at last! Free at last!:banana::beerchug::wink::grin::biggrin::popc1::beerchug::slayer:


You guys might get a shot at John Fox. I don’t think he’ll be at Carolina, next year. I think he’s a good coach. Panthers’ problems start at the front office.


At this point, any head coach with actual experience and some success on his resume would be fine with me.

I am tired of all the “experiments”


uh…I beg to differ, Fox sucks, and almost all the other Panthers coaching staff suck, except Davidson (I know his son, so I don’t hate on him)


Well, Fox took Carolina to a Super Bowl.

He may “suck” compared to many but Singletary is in a whole different league of “suck”.




Fox is no idiot. The front office keeps him bridled with people like Del Homme and wonders why he cannot win. When he was able to build his own team, we went to the Super Bowl. You really think that his having a team that has nearly 50% rookies is somehow his fault? Rookie quarterback and rookie OL make for a losing combination, on any team. Davidson has made many bonehead calls. 3rd and 16, ball on their own 21, no running game established and he runs a off tackle rush for no gain. Happened quite frequently.
Panthers have seldom had a bad defense, unless it was injury driven, and Fox is actively involved in the defense. The offense has sucked most of the seasons since we started. Loyalty aside, the Offensive Coordinator is mostly responsible for this. If they dump Fox, which they probably will, mark my words. He will cause us grief, if he is still in the NFC.


I’d add that Fox was running the Giants defense when they went to the Super Bowl vs Baltimore.

I’m disappointed in the seeming departure of Fox. Remember we lost Peppers this season too. He was the heart of our defense on and off the field as I understand it.

At least we have the #1 pick. :beat:


He vacated that role. He wanted out. Brayton and Johnson have done a great job filling the gap.


Yeah, owners who know nothing.

McNabb was the choice of the Redskins owner and NOT the head coach from what I hear, now McNabb is looking for a home for next season. :rolleyes:



The Cowboys and Raiders have the same problem. Owners need to stay off of the field.


From the title of this thread I thought maybe you guys had a full season of Lions, Bengals and Bills games next year or something.


That would work as well!
I think hiring a legitimate coach and a GM who can evaluate talent might be a more likely scenario though.



(yes it is fake… just funny considering the thread title)


I’ve lost track, how many retirements is he at now?:coffee_spray:


Well, we won the Harbaugh sweepstakes.

Not sure how I feel about that.

Part of me is thrilled to get the most coveted coach at this time, part of me thinks “this is the third unproven NFL head coach in a row and the other two were disasters”.

Cautiously optimistic I guess.


IIRC, Bill Walsh was also fresh out of college coaching, also from Stanford. But as long as the owners muck with the running of the team, I’m skeptical. I might be a little less skeptical had Alex Smith’s head rolled before Singletary’s. Alex Smith has a long-term track record of choking just about any time it matters (looking at it another way, how many of Smith’s victories came when anything important for the whole team was on the line?).


Walsh was also a pretty successful OC in Cincinnati before he went to Stanford, Harbaugh has very little NFL experience but he does have some as a position coach.

I was posting on the 49ers message board last night that half of Walsh’s genius was spotting great Quarterbacks.

Montana, Young and Garcia were all Walsh picks and all 3 were considered no big deal at the time of their signing.

The last time a 49er team made the playoffs without a Bill Walsh selected Quarterback under center was 1972!

That is quite amazing to think about, Harbaugh will have to be a solid evaluator of Quarterbacks to succeed.


I think Harbaugh will be able to pick good QB’s, he was one himself at Michigan, and Andrew Luck is a beast.


It’s too bad the Texans already hired Wade Phillips!