Some GOOD news for a change!

Found out this morning 9/3/2020 that our 41-year-old daughter is 13 weeks pregnant with her first child. She and her attorney husband have been trying to get pregnant for 8 months and because she has never experienced any morning sickness, even though she’d missed a couple of periods, she had thought she was going through menopause. Turned out, she is with CHILD! Her mother and I couldn’t be happier. Saw an OB/GYN this AM and confirmed what one of those “pee-sticks” had shown her last night. They’ll be here from their home in Dallas this coming weekend with sonogram pictures of our new grandchild! Her doctor was very encouraging and only prohibited her from eating raw meats, fish and eggs and told her to stop smoking and severely limited her alcohol for awhile. Took blood samples which she said would give genetic information on the baby (sex, Downs, etc.) in about 2 weeks. This is the girl we adopted when she was 9 days old. Her husband is a Dallas attorney and she received her JD degree this Spring herself.


That is great news!

I hope she’s okay. Isn’t that a little difficult? 41-year-old with her first child?

Yes. She’s considered to be a “high-risk” pregnancy, but the doctor told her she was the healthiest 41-year-old she’d ever examined so shouldn’t be concerned. Downs is always a risk for advanced-age pregnancies, but as far as we could determine, there is no genetic HISTORY of it in either of her birth-parents. In fact, the only anomaly we found was that her birth mother’s great-aunt was once diagnosed as schizophrenic back in the early 1930’s, so we’re hopeful this will be a normal pregnancy and a healthy grandchild in March! Besides, it won’t matter even if this baby does have Downs. I’ve met and been around several such kids and if one’s worth on the planet was measured by the capacity to give and receive love, Downs kids would rule it.