Some lies from Reason magazine, AP, Marketwatch and Capital Press about tariffs


Because actual free-market capitalism is nutty?

Charges more, sells less, and American companies charge more, costing other American companies and consumers more. It’s a whole long chain events that puts people out of work and increases prices, while enriching a few people in one industry or another. It forces us to shift resources based on shifting supply and demand curves. It’s a mess for China. It’s a mess for us, and a very small number of people who are not you and me are the only winners.

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So, the EU governments are going to start buying soybeans or require European individuals operating in a supposedly free market to purchase U.S. soybeans?

Never mind that American growers (notice the lack of the socialist “we” – I don’t grow soybeans or sell them) have had no problem selling soybeans abroad.


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And yet, it was soybean farmers who were whining that the Chinese tariffs would hurt their markets.


Tariffs they’re levying because of ours.

This is hose trading by the Government, when the Government, is not supposed to choose winners an losers.


Nonsense! China knows that President Trump’s most vigorous supporters are from “middle America” and they CHOSE to impose soybean tariffs in order to cut into that support. It’ll harm the protein intake of their own people by reducing their access to soy proteins.


No, cause & effect:

Beijing pulled the trigger after Trump proposed $50 billion of levies on a slew of Chinese goods from gas turbines to lithium batteries.


Who here denied that the Chinese-imposed tariff’s were retaliatory? Yes, it IS “hose trading (sic)”, but “hose trading” with a purpose.


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It doesn’t matter; government is not supposed to choose winners & losers. You’re now making markets about social connections, when what is supposed to matter is value.

Making soybean farming as entitled as green energy or corn farmers with taxpayer money, is not a positive outcome.


Nobody is DOING that AS! Don’t you understand the LEAST bit about what President Trump is doing???


If your answer for causing economic damage by setting off a trade war, is to subsidize the affected industry, then yes it is.

Subsidies are never a good thing. They don’t respond to market forces, they’re an entitlement, controlled & assigned by social connections.

And yes, this is picking winners and losers, because who are we helping? The Exporter industries, while punishing the Importer industries. They don’t get subsidies, so they lose.


BS. You haven’t the LEAST understanding of what President Trump is doing here. It has nothing to do with “subsidies” OR picking winners and losers. It’s about FORCING our foreign competitors to come to the negotiating table and re-doing trade agreements…and IT’S WORKING.


I don’t care about intentions Dave, I only care about results.

And the result has been, you’ve created an entitlement. You’ve negotiated European governments to buy more of something, instead of letting market forces determine their fate.

Horse trading.


Not so. There’s no “entitlement” being created. Only someone who doesn’t understand what the President’s doing would think so.


It’s in the deal; that’s an entitlement.

Doesn’t matter how you justify it, it’s business they’re getting because a government ordered it, not because people wanted to buy from them.


Wrong. Nobody in Europe is suddenly going to start buying soy beans for which they have no use. The agreement will merely encourage them to buy soy beans from U.S. producers instead of from, say, China or Indonesia, who buys ours at a discount and then sells them to European firms at a profit.


Well, that’s encouraging lol

Heck of deal even!

So there’s this:

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that he and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker agreed to work toward eliminating tariffs and barriers on trade, reducing tensions for now in a brewing trade war.

What’s funny is the president called it a big day for free trade and for “fair trade,” a stupid socialist notion that serves as anti-free market propaganda for the right. The fact of the matter is he should have just eliminated all tariffs in the first place and then called on the EU to do the same.


Of course! Let US be the ones to give first…just like we’ve been doing for the past 50 years without reciprocation by our so-called “trading partners.” Nonsense.



…the European Commission currently doesn’t charge any tariffs on American soybeans. Which means European businesses already have access to all the American soybeans they would want. It’s hard to see how—short of subsidizing demand across the pond—Juncker will follow through with his promise to have Europe buy more soybeans (falling global prices might encourage more buying in Europe, but not to a significant degree).


Why WOULDN’T the EU agree to buy more soybeans if price wasn’t the problem? They are very high in proteins and are healthy to consume in a wide variety of ways. Maybe the EU had been buying theirs from Brazil and the President talked them into buying from us instead as incentive for our lowering tariffs on EU steel and aluminum?