Some little SOB stole my mountain bike...


Entered my backyard which required him reaching over a six foot fence and stole only my bike from what I can tell. The same day my dog was barking and my wife assumes it was nothing, I was going to go outside as I saw a skinny creep walking around the streets, seemingly playing the new Pokemon game, turns out he was preparing to lift my bike and was successful.

Bold, I will say that.


People are “interesting” now days. My guess is that he doesn’t think that he stole your bike. He was entitled to it because he wanted it.


Yeah, maybe he is just “borrowing” my bike for an extended period…


This is what it’s like to live in a Third World society.

This is what our society is being MADE INTO. Because the Power Elites WANT it this way - an animalistic population of serfs who have no concept of rights or responsibilities or citizenship; who will vote tribes or skin color or Free S__t.

The Power Elites think this is their ticket to permanent position and more power. I think it’s a ticket for America/Canada to be about as powerful as Zimbabwe; and the government functionaries to be about as relevant.

And I for one would rather be a janitor in America than an important minister in Zimbabwe.


He was a skinny Caucasian guy, this had less to do with race than opportunity. Also, a lack of respect for my property. :fuming:


It’s not an issue of race but of culture. Although I’m surprised it wasn’t someone speaking with a thick accent.

Put one bad apple in the barrel and they all go bad. If we have a subsidized, elevated class of Bedoins supported by government, and catered to…is it any surprise that young people would emulate them?


that was easy for him. He’ll be back. shoot the bastard.