Some people just can't win


It appears that the Eco-Idiots just can’t buy a break. If it’s not a snow storm in the middle of a Global Warming summit, it’s lead in their re-usable shopping bags. :rofl:

[SIZE=4]Tests find high levels of lead in reusable bags

By Jayne O’Donnell, USA TODAY

Twenty-one reusable bags sold as alternatives to disposable plastic or paper bags had dangerous levels of lead, according to new test results provided to USA TODAY.

The non-woven-polypropylene bags, sold by chains including Safeway, Walgreen’s and Bloom, all had lead content above 100 parts per million the highest level that many states allow in consumer packaging. The tests were conducted by Frontier Global Sciences for the Center for Consumer Freedom (CCF), which plans to release the results Monday. The group tested 71 bags and inserts from 44 retailers and organizations.