Some thoughts on the Senate impeachment trial

No one yet knows how the Senate Republicans are going to handle the impeachment trial. One school of thought says that it should be quick with few if any witnesses. Others say it should go longer with a full disclosure of the facts.

If it were to go longer, I think that the time has come to subpoena the whistleblower and force him to appear. If you are going to make charges that the President of the United States should be removed from office, you should have the courage to come before the American people and state your case. If you don’t, then you don’t amount to much. You are just a puppet of the Democrat Party and member in good standing with the swamp creatures who are ruining this country. It’s time for this coward to come out of the shadows.

The other people who need to be summoned are Joe Biden and his son, Hunter. It’s time see if this whole scheme to pay him millions of dollars to be on the board of a Ukrainian energy company was, in fact, money laundering. The Federal Government pays billions of dollars to a corrupt Ukrainian Government in exchange for a Ukrainian payment of millions of dollars to Hunter. It sounds like a good deal for the Ukrainians, and it’s time to clear the air about it.

Adam Schiff is another individual who needs to be called to testify. How many rules did he break while he was running his secret star chamber investigation with the deck stacked in his favor? If he is guilty of wrong doing, he should pay the price.

After two years of hell with the phony Mauler investigation and another six months if this divisive, crooked impeachment farce, it’s time for the perpetrators to pay the penalty.

I would dismiss it upon arrival!
I don’t think that any credibility should be given this fiasco and that is what a trial /hearing would do.

And be subject to perjury laws.

I won’t mind it happening if it shines the light on cockroaches who have been working in the dark to contrive this nonsense.

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Pelosi is delaying specifically so she can mess with Senator Sanders and Warren’s campaigning ability. She wants them in the Senate hearings in January and February so uncle Joe is free to be the only front runner who can be active in the early primary states.

How in the world would Biden as a frontrunner in the primary be to the Dems’ advantage?

I would not be the least surprised if she hopes to delay sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate until AFTER the election, hoping against hope that the dim-wits can take control of the Senate too and mess with THEIR rules like she did with the House’s. Either that, or is hoping to simply give her cohorts the ability to campaign for re-election on the sole platform of, “We impeached this President” as promised. Unfortunately, most legal scholars agree that there IS no real “impeachment” unless she DOES transfer the articles to the Senate. Some even suggest that without a finding of guilty BY the Senate (a de-facto “acquittal”) that would allow President Trump to run again in 2024 as well since his first term hadn’t actually occurred because of the 3±year effort to impeach him had failed, negating the 22nd Amendment.

Pelost doesn’t have the power that she believes that she has!

Can Pelosi delay an impeachment trial?
Yes, as long as the Senate doesn’t change its current rules.[

There’s absolutely nothing stopping it from changing the rules, and the Senate should change the rules to prevent this sort of gamesmanship.

The Senate should change its impeachment rules as follows:

Once the House has impeached the president, the Senate shall set a date for trial and shall set a deadline for the House to present its managers to the Senate.

If the House fails to meet that deadline, the Senate will either dismiss the articles of impeachment for lack of prosecution or, better yet, vote on the articles immediately in light of the evidence presented to it … in this case, no evidence.

They started this process.
It’s up to the Senate to finish it on its terms alone.

Not Pelosi’s.

I don’t see this happening, as delaying this for almost a year would, in the public eye, make a much bigger joke out of this impeachment than it already is.

Since when do the Democrats in Congress give a tinker’s dam about what the “public eye” perceives?

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Pelosi wants things to go back to business as usual. It’s not that he’s the most likely to win - it’s that he’s the most reliably establishment. He’s been playing D.C. ball for 40+ years. Sanders has constantly been a thorn in DNC leadership’s side, and Warren has sometimes been inconvenient as well. Joe, Winecave Pete, or Amy Klobauchar would be the ones Pelosi wants. Somebody who will answer to all of the same masters she does.

Pelosi would rather have 4 more years of Trump than a Sanders presidency. Trump is her external opponent. Hating on Trump actually gives her cover. Democratic voters have failed to notice that she hasn’t delivered on literally anything they want. Because she has placated them with Trump hate. She can’t really spend her time hating on the Democratic president so she’ll have to be judged on performance with no Republican scapegoat. Sanders will try to build a coalition inside of the Democratic party that will drive Pelosi from power.

If Joe is the nominee, she gets a shot to replace Trump and preserve her own power. She’s been friends with Biden since the 1970s.

But Pelosi isn’t the be-all and end-all of the DNC. Even if the DNC is in agreement about the insiders, they’re playing dynamite laced with cyanide and sulphuric acid. This whole impeachment hullaballoo is threatening a possible Republican landslide in November.

It’s like Linsey Graham has said. “Pelosi has a dead cat on her hands (impeachment), and she needs to stop playing with it.”