Somebody spin this for me please?


I know there is a good explanation for the apparent hypocrisy in this video, I just need the folks here at RO to straighten me out.

Thanks in advance.


North Korea took the initiative to say they are willing to discuss abandoning their Nuclear program if Trump would talk to them, that is the opposite of an American President initiating diplomatic relations with an enemy while the enemy has made no effort to moderate their tone or agenda.

Trump gave nothing but disrespect to North Korea while they were rattling sabers and ignoring U.N. Resolutions, Trump waited for North Korea to say “uncle”.

Obama was the voice saying “uncle” when he decided to INITIATE talks with our enemies.

This video ignores ALL of the context in order to make it look like hypocrysy but I am well versed on what 80 percent of those voices were saying in regards to this on both Presidents and the message was consistent; “The USA should never negotiate with enemy nations unless those enemy nations express a willingness to capitulate first” .

The other 20 percent of voices in that video I don’t follow so I have no idea what their context was but I would bet that whoever compiled this video was just as much a liar with them as they were with the 80 percent I am familiar with.

And who do you think you’re fooling by saying you’re hoping someone can “straighten you out” on this? You already know the context was deleted from all of those clips and you already know the source who compiled those clips was a Leftist Propagandist who lies to avoid having to debate the actual opponents to their ideology.

If you wanted to know the truth it would have been quite easy to know it, I would suggest that you most likely wanted to help spread propaganda and nothing more.


You really think that’s what this is? NoKo is saying “uncle”?

Look, for what it’s worth I hope, heck I’ll even pray if you think it will make any difference, that you are right and that Trump did what several Presidents before him failed to do, and feel free to say I told you so if you’re right. But NoKo has played this game before. They make noise and threats and make everyone nervous and ask for concessions, take the concessions and go right back to what they were doing.

Kim is NOT going to give up his nukes because Trump calls him names on Twitter or threatens to send the Pacific Fleet. Kim know’s what his advantages are and my guess is he’s just trying to size him up. Playing a little cat and mouse. I sincerely hope Trump manages to denuclearize NoKo, but like so many other things with Trump, he’ll promise one thing and deliver another and you guys will eat it anyway and call it ice cream.

Time will tell. I’m pulling for Trump to succeed…

Yep, it’s just like watching Fox News.

I knew there was a good reason, thanks for telling me what it is.


If this turns our to be a bait and switch or stalling tactic by Rocketman Trump will not get rolled. He has to exhaust diplomacy and sanctions before going to military action even though that is the regrettable final destination.