Someone tell Sendgop I have a coin for his collection

I think he has me blocked, but I thought this might make you all smile…



I’ll quote your post, should make it visible to all. Sometimes I think we all need a better sense of humor.

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Yes, it is quite will executed. The only thing I can disagree with is “E Pluribus unum” and “United States of American.” Both of those phrases refer to national unity. Contrary to what Biden promised during his “bunker campaign,” he has been a divider, not a uniter for this country.

This looks like the work Dan Carr who makes many replicas of coins that off just enough not to be called counterfeit. His politics are libertarian, and he has made a number pieces that express that point of view. If “J.B.” is the signature of the maker, I don’t know who he is.

Someone tell him JB is Joe Biden…lol

Worthless unless redeemed at an ice cream parlor.