Something Odd At Sandy Hook

Just read on “Freedom Outpost” that THREE of the parents of Sandy Hook victims have won large sums in the Connecticut lottery…TWICE each. Huh? One father won $100K on 9/20/11 and another $50K in January of 2013. In other words, one a year BEFORE the Sandy Hook shootings and one a bit over a year AFTER. One guy? Maybe coincidence. THREE families? Suspicious.

Read about it HERE.

The only conspiracy or cover-up I can derive out of all this is CT finding a way to get out of being publicly sued by the parents of victims.
I can’t find the sentence now, but the connection of the lottery spokesperson to one of the victims would explain that.

Maybe it’s just me, but as I was reading through the article and the e-mail, I kept wondering when the author of either was going to get to his point. If it was the notion that the children were allowed to be murdered so that people could pick up on lottery winnings, that’s too beyond absurd to contemplate.

I am familiar with Sandy Hook, and Newtown. Sandy Hook is a very small town w/a number of upscale neighborhoods, along with “this” and “that” side of the tracks, so to speak, so it isn’t a huge surprise that many involved would live on the same street; especially since their children attended the same school.

IF the town/state decided to use the lottery as restitution to the victims’ families, that assuredly should be exposed.

As far as my personal opinion of the State Lottery goes, all it does is invite trouble. Fraud, abuse, manipulation of funds…
Happens so often, and has been publicized so often that it makes one wonder why people keep falling for it.

I always said that the Lottery was a tax on people who aren’t very good at math…still, when jackpots get up over $100 million or so, I generally “invest” a fiver.

“A tax on people who aren’t very good at math.” lol I like it!

Oh, I don’t care if people want to buy a lottery ticket now and then. Mr. 2 does from time to time. No biggie. Once the State Lottery is there, it’s there, and not likely it’s going anywhere.

By “inviting trouble”, I was referring to inviting the lottery into your state in the first place. IOW, I don’t trust the people running it.

I HAVE noticed over the years that the winners of most big jackpots seem to mostly be people from BLUE States, however, which strikes me as curious.

Maybe because the blue states are more likely to have a lottery?

Right now, the only States that DON’T participate in the Powerball and Megamillions are Nevada (for obvious reasons), Utah, Wyoming, Mississippi, Alabama, Hawaii and Alaska. That means that 43 States and the Virgin Islands DO. They are not all “blue states.”

I guess this so called conspiracy hold no water.

Um, well, I guess I didn’t realize it was that widespread.

I matched 4 mega million numbers on my 18th birthday. It’s been a waste of money ever since.

Yeah, well, we don’t bother with the lottery and all that crap. We like to make our living the hard way…by earning it.

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Well, if someone’s going to win it, I’d just as soon it was me. I’ve worked all my life.

You can have it. I don’t need it anyways.

I couldn’t think of a better guy for that to happen to…except me, of course.

On a more serious note, you do strike me as someone who would handle it well.

I’ll never win the lottery - because I never play it.

I don’t either…i hate throwing money away for gambling. BUT, didn’t God give the urim and thummim to his early priests? Aaron and his clan? AND, the lot was still cast in Ancient Persia in the time of Xerxes. Is there a huge difference in the lot an the lottery? I don’t kknow, I’ve not compared the two? Regardless of the outcome though, the Bible says that God directs it. Proverbs 16:33

33 The lot is cast into the lap,
but its every decision is from the Lord.

what do you thnk?

Well, the disciples in the upper room cast lots for which of two men to choose to replace Judas. But they prayed for the lot to be correct. And none of the lots cast reported in the Bible were so that some one would get rich - they used mostly for decision-making. And I remember one specific incident - can’t remember what it was exactly - where someone prayed, “Lord, give a perfect lot.” I’m sure that God directs the outcome when doing His will is the desire of those casting it. I doubt that he has anything to do with people trying to get something for nothing.

I’m not much of a gambler, though when I was in Shreveport, I used to go into the casinos there and play slot machines. Oddly, I NEVER left with less than I started. I don’t know why exactly, but I always seem to come out ahead. I learned early to pick out the machines that would pay off. Always pick one near a high-traffic area…doors, rest rooms, stairways, etc. Always play games with the highest payout and always play max play. My biggest win was $10,000 playing a dollar machine at the Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City…just across the Red River from Shreveport. I risked $40, hit max play twice and the second time won the jackpot–ten thousand dollars. I gave a couple of hundred to a woman who worked in my office, about $500 to pay for the lunches of a large group of Air Force people I ran into at a Mexican restaurant (they were from Barksdale AFB and were celebrating one of the men’s birthday), paid an overdue gas bill for some lady who came in crying at the reception area of my office when I was passing through because they’d threatened to shut off her mother’s gas for non-payment of the bill (That was about $700 or so.), bought some kid a $125 12-speed bike for Christmas through Toys for Tots, and had my car’s transmission fixed. The rest went to pay off some bills.

See why I sensed that you would be one of the few who could handle a ‘Jack-pot’ well? ~wink~ ~smile~

Seems to me a few things have to come into play in order to handle major winnings/windfalls well. (I’m more referring to Million$ here.)
Common sense can’t hurt. A sense of right and wrong. Also, a purpose in life to keep you busy and involved - so as not to end up poorer than when you started.
Using the opportunity to turn a hobby into a career I suppose is what I’m getting at.

I could be wrong here, but it’s been my understanding that, scripture-wise, “casting your lot” meant “casting your vote.” Your quote from Proverbs reinforces that thought.
—Not that the Bible doesn’t have anything to say against gambling.