Something we can agree on?



Oh, really? They have been part of your campaign. They promised that if Biden won, there would be no violence. That sounds like a threat to me.

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Can’t you just learn to relax? I mean just for a sec. I mean, even PapaD took the night off and gave me a very rare like.


The Pic is funny, but nobody thinks for a minute that you “agree” with its sentiment :wink:

Of course I do.

No, you don’t, and with Biden in the driver’s seat, you think they will go home. They won’t. If he doesn’t deliver for them with a redistribution of income and assets, they will be after him too. They are revolutionaries.

Last night they were carrying sign in front of their vote counting protest that read, “Capitalism is killing us.” These people are not going away.

Before the election, getting you to condemn the conduct of these people was like pulling teeth. And then you would only whisper it.

Then I guess I’m “nobody.” But then, I guess I was already persona non grata for not toeing the Trump line…

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You wouldn’t have any idea what I think because, 1) you rarely ask me 2) your to busy telling me what I think.

Which is why I’m against them.

What an incredibly naive thing to say. You act as if this is a new thing. Anti-Capitalists have been around as long as capitalism.

And yet, here I am again, without provocation, condemning them. :thinking:

LOL :rofl:

Maybe this will help…

I condemn all acts of destruction and violence motivated by political, religious, racial or ideological reasons.

Maybe a visual representation will help?



Now, I wonder if you’ll rationalize or are you capable of condemning the actions of a a few people who are Trump supporters?

We know that a group of Trump supporters chased down a Biden bus in Texas. Now there are reports that they acted aggressively, but frankly I don’t know and I don’t care (because it delves into minutia that’s not important for the sake of this conversation). That said, if a Trump bus was surrounded by a group of people waving Black Lives Matter flags I’m certain someone here would be quick to condemn that.

Now, I will say that regardless of who does it, this kind of childish intimidation is uncalled for.

What say you?

Now before you answer, consider that Trump has given his thoughts:

Now, imagine if Trumps Children or wife were on that bus and those flags were black, do you think Trump would condemn it. You god dam right he would and he would be right to do so.

So are you going to rationalize this away so I can expose your hypocrisy? Maybe you’ll ignore, maybe you’ll deflect? Maybe you’ll buy into some false narrative (those guys just happened to be passing the Biden bus on their way to a Trump election party, right?)? Or can you make a plain statement condemning this kind of behavior?

Can you show me anything from Biden that ACTIVELY shows support (because we agree that silence is a form of support), but Trump wasn’t silent here. He weighed in in the affirmative. He gave his blessing.

And while this didn’t end with anyone being hurt, Trump encouragement may lead to a situation where something like this doesn’t end without someone being hurt.

Let the hypocrisy begin!

Here’s another one…

When you saw this, I imagine you were outraged, right?

But you’re ok with this (and I’m asking here)?

I will say I understand why people act this way (in both cases), but don’t confuse my understanding as approval of their actions.

Which is to say, if someone feels strongly enough about something that they are willing to break the law as a form of protest, as long as they don’t hurt or intimidate other people and don’t destroy property, and they are willing to face the consequences of their actions and the punishment that might follow, I support their right to do so, even if I don’t agree. That’s America.

The problem comes when people think it’s ok to destroy property and do violence to others in the name of their cause/s.

That’s where I have a problem regardless of who does it.

You and I are in full agreement about the Black Lives Matter and Trump protesters. The trouble is the far left has done more damage as of now, but the Trump election protesters could catch up with them with respect to public inconvenience. I don’t think that the right will ever catch up to the far left with respect to property damage and possible long term damage to our larger cities. The virus and the rioters have done a number on many businesses in the major cities.

You can POSSIBLY be comparing Antifa or BLM with Trump supporters, now can you? To the best of my knowledge, not a single Trump supporter has set fire to a dumpster, someone else’s car, a cop car, a place of business or shot a cop out of pique, looted a Nike store, a liquor store or an Apple store, or ANY store, or beaten anyone senseless merely for wearing a BLM t-shirt. But then you can’t say the same about BLM or Antifa, now can you?


Your mind reading powers are quite impressive.

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Looking at your two videos, it appears BLM very purposefully shutdown traffic on the interstate. But the Trump supporters did not purposefully shutdown traffic, but rather there was just so many Trump supporters that the road couldn’t accommodate them all at normal speeds, especially in the rain. They innocently caused a traffic jam, just as football stadium crowds often do.

Did I miss something? Is it against the law to cause a traffic jam because of the size of the crowd?

Your lack of perception is even more disappointing.

Tucker Carlson had a guest on tonight that summarized the difference between Trump supporters and Biden supporters.

People support President Trump because they love him. Whereas people support Biden because they hate Trump.

I thought was sad, but probably accurate.


That’s such a hilariously narcissistic comment. Trump and his supporters think that everything is about them.

Pretty sure it is your Party that has made EVERYTHING about Trump for over 4 years now :rofl:


Actually, the left’s (at least significant parts of the left) vitriolic hatred was made apparent from the day he was inaugurated.


In fairness, he had and still has a history of being a pretty awful person. Not to mention that it’s not just the left that doesn’t like him. It’s the right as well as proven by this election.

How did Republicans gain seats in the House and it looks like they will hold their lead in the Senate? The answer, Republican voters made it possible, but they didn’t vote for Trump, they voted for Biden.