Something we can agree on?

If he did anything “awful” prior to his election, he made up for it many times over by his exemplary service fighting to make America great again, exposing corruption, exposing China, making peace, bringing manufacturing home and making the economy boom. He’s only been “awful” to evil doers. Tolerating his brusqueness is a tiny price to pay for his skillful excellence.

Wow! That’s nearly a confession of Democrat voter fraud. The country voted conservative, but fraudsters only changed or filled in the presidential candidate and skipped the rest of the ballot.

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No, it shows Republican voters, especially women (as I’m sure we’ll learn) didn’t like Trump. There are entire Republican lead organizations that were created to rebuke him.

Only the willfully blind believe without evidence that this election has been stolen. Unfortunately, this election has proven that there are a lot of Americans that are willfully blind and our reputation in the world will suffer for decades thanks to Trump and ultimately the people that put him in power and even worse than that, those Republicans that enabled him.

Just say it with me. Hypocrisy.

Adding onto this, Jo Jorgenson had some sizable numbers. A couple states would’ve been Trump’s if her vote went to him.

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So here’s some evidence this wasn’t democratic voter fraud…

Any ballot you imagine was cast illegally by the nefarious evil empire (you call them Democrats). They filled out ballots in the name of the dead, they bused truckloads of people from Mexico (thanks George for the funding!), or the people that voted in one state and then another…

All of these people so desperate to throw Trump out of office apparently forgot to vote for Democratic Senators and Congressman as the Dems lost seats in the House and will be lucky to pick up just one seat in the Senate.

If there were millions of falsify cast ballots as Trump will likely claim, there will be no evidence of widespread fraud or conspiracies because if there were Republicans wouldn’t have picked up seats in the house.

Now one thing that might make me suspicious is massive shifts in the way people vote in a particular county. Specifically how much they’ve shifted since the last election.

It doesn’t prove fraud, but it would be where I would look if I were looking for potential fraud.

So let’s look at the map…

Now as I said, this proves nothing. There are lots of reasons why things may have shifted, but we see the largest shifts in Trump areas. The arrows point out areas of particular interest as they appear to be outliers. And yes, I know southern FL was the Cuban vote for Trump. So in this case I think we already know the explanation.

If I were to focus on the Dems, that shift in Ohio is pretty interesting. That is Wayne County (Trump won BTW), but Biden obviously over performed. In TX Maverick County shifted massively for Trump (though he still lost). The other is Starr County (that Biden won, but Trump massively over performed.

Honestly, if I were looking for cheating I’d stat by looking at shifts and trying to figure out if there were some sort of explanation that might explain the shift (like maybe a community that perceived being helped or hurt by Trump might shift their vote as a group).

Rush just made a good point to the effect that there’s infinitely more evidence of election fraud now than there ever was of Russia collusion.

I think and I’m just speculating here, that no everyone that voted for the Libertarian would have come out to vote if she wasn’t on the ticket. So, let’s say 10-20% would have stayed home. From there it’s hard to say how the Libertarian vote would have broken between Trump and Biden, but I will concede that Trump surely would have been the larger benefactor and Jo J. might end up being a hero for the Dems.

This is why we need Ranked Choice voting (also called instant runoff). With it, Trump might have won.

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What evidence? All I’ve seen so far is accusations and innuendo.

That said, I’ll concede right now that there are probably a few hundred cases of improper voting. IN an election with closing in on 150 million votes, that’s not unusual especially given the situation.

But here is what the right will do. They’ll find every single discrepancy and without investigating it, they will assume fraud and more specifically widespread, coordinated fraud and of course it will be D’s not R’s propagating that fraud.

So far the only thing I’ve seen that puts me off is that a Judge (who is a Democrat) ordered that Trump campaign officials be allowed to observe ballot counting and while they were let within 6’ of the people working there, the counting machines were moved 100’ away.

I think it’s silly and counterproductive to have done that. It only raises the ire of people here and the claims of cheating.

Personally, I’m all in favor of a recount in this area (though I doubt it’s going to matter), but I’d still like to know if there’s cheating going on. If so, I’m fully supportive of arresting whoever is responsible and making an example of them if there are real substantial evidence of widespread attempts to alter the vote.

The only way our democracy works is if people trust the elections which is why Trump has been spending so much time in the run-up to the election making false claims of cheating, because he wants to undermine faith in our institutions and while I’m not certain he wants to “destroy America” as I can’t get in his head, what I can tell you from the way he’s acted is he cares more about himself than this nation and he’ll take all of us down with him to serve his pride and vanity.

Your TDS has reached new lows, CSB. President Trump’s ego has had NOTHING to do with anything that the Dimwits have done. And it’s apparent that they’ve done plenty. It’s not President Trump’s “ego” that allowed 300,000 Biden votes to appear out of thin air at 3:30AM the morning after the election without a single vote for President Trump–a statistical impossibility. It’s not President Trump’s “ego” that blocked GOP observers from ballot counting in Democrat-controlled counties in Pennsylvania and Michigan, and it’s not President Trump’s “ego” that gave the programming and maintenance of voting machines in Clark County, Nevada (Las Vegas) to SEIU, a leftist union, by the way, and suddenly it’s discovered that those machines won’t read and count ballots marked with a Sharpie, but WILL count those marked with a ball-point pen and poll workers in GOP precincts are ORDERING voters to use a Sharpie instead of a ball-point.

We predicted massive vote fraud would occur and it obviously has. You’re seeing the election of a guy and his running mate who couldn’t attract 200 people to one of their “rallies” beat a guy who routinely attracted 20,000 to one of his. I don’t think so, buttercup.

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Willfully blind?” Don’t you think the last four years of Democrat fraud give us a good reason to believe Democrats would commit voter fraud? You may remember they endlessly wrongfully accused the president of colluding with Russia. They stated it like it was a known and proven fact over and over and over and over and over again.

But when a two year invasive anal exam turned up nothing, they quickly moved on to making up a crime about a phone call. (Remember that sniveling little lt.col. complaining that the president violated his directive?) Even when the transcript of the phone call put the lie to their wrongful allegations, they continued lying.

The irony in that one was thick enough to choke a horse! They had to ignore the corruption that Biden bragged about on tape to wrongfully accuse the president of a similar crime.

And have you forgotten the fraudulent impeachment over fabricated charges?

No, the Democrats have given us ample reasons to have full confidence that they are ready, willing and able steal an election and lie and lie and lie about it with full media cover. Even FoxNews seems to be shading in their favor.


Also, apparently there were many fewer votes cast for senator than president in some Democrat states. Fraudsters don’t bother with the rest of the ballot because they’re totally focused on getting rid of the honest guy.

Big bundles of ballots coming in by night that are 100% for Biden.

I’m not really paying attention. It’s too frustrating.


Those counties are predominantly Hispanic.

Democrats lied over and over and over again that President Trump is racist racist racist! This result puts the lie to that. It shows Hispanics love President Trump. In fact, who in their right mind would vote against him?

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Twice in a row now, most of the electorate

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Yea, mostly in New York and California when it’s a waste of time for Republicans to campaign and spend money on ads. If you take away the margins you socialist party racks up in those two states, Trump is a popular vote winner.

If those two states are the models for the rest of the country, who do they have so many homeless people? Why is New York City going down the drain? Fewer people want to live there. Why are their state income taxes sky high?

Well, that’s the beautiful part about being the “United States.” Kanye West also won the popular vote if you remove every county that he didn’t win. Or maybe he tied the popular vote at 0. I actually don’t know if he won any areas.

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Remember all that stuff after Trump won about Dems being mad they lost. Perhaps now you’ll understand that sword has two sides.

All this complaining and whining sounds like sour grapes to me. All the vitriol is just hatred and resentment of democrats.

America has made a statement and you should all bring yourselves to accept it. They’d rather have a geriatric 77 year old journeyman, than Trump. That says a lot if you ask me. Imagine if the Dems had fielded a 1/2 decent candidate.


Good thing you didn’t take me up on my offer of a bet. Ya know, where the loser would have had to leave the site forever. Saved yourself from having to renege like RET.

The people I know are split about evenly between Trump and Biden voters. Almost everyone voting for Trump love him and think he’s doing a great job. Most of the Biden people are literally disappointed in him and don’t really want him. However, a few do say mildly positive things about him like “He’s kind” or “I think he’ll take care of everyone”. Zero passion for Biden. I do know one person who’s excited about the ticket but only once Biden is gone because she imagines Harris is a secret SocDem and will bulldoze things like M4A and $15 minimum wage through.

No, it’s lazy Democrats who literally only vote for president and can’t be bothered to tick the other boxes. Trump has more total votes than Republicans - but only by 30,000. Joe Biden has over 2 million more votes than Democratic congressional candidates.

Nah, this wasn’t a standard libertarian run. She did better with socialists/communists unhappy with Biden’s conservative positions than she did with Rightoids who think Trump is a puppet of Zion.

P.S. Approval voting is superior to ranked choice


I’ll check it out


I watched that one, @csbrown28. You can see that the cars are stopped, but you cannot see why they stopped. You can’t see the first cars that are stopped. It looks like they’re out of their vehicles because they’re stopped, Not stopped to cause a roadblock.

Why do you assume they’re deliberately causing trouble? That’s not the way Republicans generally do things.

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I live and work around DC and I’ve spent years in DC traffic and we don’t get out of our cars and walk around, even if traffic comes to a stop (unless it lasts an unusually long period).

It’s clear that Trump folks have stopped. There’s another video that shows Trump folks like these stopped with no one in front of them, would you like me to find that one too?