Sooo.... not intending to capture said person

By omitting the race of the perpetrator, they are saying that
A: they’re not wanting to catch the suspect
B: the shooter wasn’t white


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Here’s the original and newly edited new york post story

New York Post is right wing btw. Its like the Fox News version of the New York Times. It might be a legitimate correction.

This was a subject of debate on my campus in college. What it comes down to is that including race only serves to reinforce prejudice. If he was black, do you think knowing that would help you identify him? Do you have any idea how many people live in New York and approximately fit the description “black and around 5’5?”

The police still know all that info, and they don’t want people to hunt them like vigilantes anyway.

So I guess we should ignore what he did. Is that okay with you, @Gene? Is he one of your “social justice warriors? Did you notice that there were people of color on the subway? Does that bother you, or are they “collateral damage” in your social justice crusade?

If he were blonde, would that be acceptable as part of the description to identify him? Why is identifying the person of interest Black wrong?

This one more example of how your little professors are indoctrinating you. But if you come to that conclusion, it might take almost ten years.

“Don’t trust anyone over 30.” That was the line when I was young. How true it was. I got my head out of my arse when I was 31, when I voted for Ronald Reagan to remove Jimmy Carter from office.

No, I just don’t think any identifying factors as vague as black/white/whatever are helpful. If they have photos, great, use those in the press releases.

Do you think this subway shooter furthered your cause, @Gene? I know that’s a loaded question, but it’s one you should ponder.

No, he did not.

Glad to hear that. :+1:

Wow. So there is no such thing as an identifying factor anymore.

Did they have long hair? Millions of people have long hair. Let’s get that out of there.

What was their hair color? Millions of other people have the same hair color; definitely can’t use that.

Did they have two legs and two arms and a head? Billions of other people are just like that; scratch that one.

Did the person wear clothing? All human beings wear clothing; get rid of this.

What language did they speak? Everybody speaks a language, this is definitely a vague identifying factor.

What gender were they? ---- for the love of god you’re not allowed to consider this one

Well in liberal utopia, committing crime won’t be an issue anymore. Unless you’re white - that will be the first identifying factor considered believe me.

Turned out to be a black man who hated the New York Mayor and All White People. So he hated a ton of black folk, all white folk, was living out of a Uhaul hadn’t been taking his meds. Guy was ranting about pro homeless stuff.

Yes, it’s important info. Being a minority means you’ve eliminated the majority right off the bat. If he was male, that eliminates 50% of the remainder. If he was only 5’5", that really narrows it down.

And the fact that he was black was already out there. If the MSM (as opposed to police) weren’t mentioning it, why?

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Racial Hostilities at an all time high mass killings become spectator sport seeing who gets to take the blame. Does Rittenhouse and Paddock define all white people? Does this guy define all black people?

No. And no one is insinuating that. But purposely leaving out his race is meant to…? Give us the inclination that black people don’t commit crimes? But they do. Everyone does.

— society these days tries to tell us that black people may commit more crimes, but their crimes aren’t as bad as white people crimes. Like whenever it’s something really f—ed up it’s a white person doing it. Leave it to the lefties.

Crime and Poverty are correlated and Race and Poverty are Correlated. When you adjust for poverty crime among black v white evens out. Listen if you feel white shamed by the media. I mean have you had any idea how black people felt for 300+ years man? This country was made for wealthy white men, and you know you introduce any amount of equality and people freak out. ----- Stole my Bike, ----- People celebrate who’s my daddy’s day, ------ chicken, collard greens. Ok like it’s been ages. You’re thin skin, like my whiteness doesn’t define me so it was like weird to see people freak out about that. My race has never defined me. it’s honestly the issue I care least about, as frankly race shouldn’t matter but it suddenly does because everyone needs to be a victim. Your buying right into the white person version of Jessie Jackson. You wanna be a victim your whole life?

Instead of bellyaching about their fate, Black people should demanding better schools for their kids. The ticket out of poverty is based on education and hard work. A dumb, unskilled White person can be as big a looser and a person of color with the same problems.

When all that available to you is a crappy school, you are up against it from the start. I know because I had to go an unaccredited high school. Some of the teachers were great, but the facilities sucked. The people in the town were more interested in the football and basketball teams than having their kids get a decent education. For them shoveling cow manure was a good way to earn a living. “Don’t take no edercation to know how to do dat!”

There is also too much emphasis on college. Some people are not cut out for it, and could earn a much better living in the trades, yet some people look down them. I have infinite respect for those who can fix my car, plumbing and house. I am not good at any of those things.

The people Black people elect in the big cities don’t do a darn thing for them. Losers like Laurie Lightfoot in Chicago is a prime example. She’s probably the worst, but she’s far from the only one.

The unfortunate new Mayor of New York City is another. Yesterday a guy shoots up a subway car, endangering the lives of everyone, Black, Brown, Asian and White, and all he can do is enter into another tired Democrat tirade about gun control. How about arresting the shooter and keeping that person in jail?

In New York State, you can’t even hold them on bail. It’s so-called reformation to make up for “past injustices.” How about the people who get shot? Isn’t getting shot an “injustice?” Not according to the Democrats who run New York State.

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Which is why they scream from the rooftops about misbehavior (both real and imagined) on the right, but when the left is burning down cities, we hear “mostly peaceful protests?” What a diaper load. The MSM (and the Dems) dumped barrels of gasoline on the racial tension fire.

But not causal. Far and away most poor people don’t commit crimes, and far too many rich people do.

Yea the rich commit crimes but are never brought to court. It’s sad there was a case of a very wealthy man sexually assaulting a 4 year old he got probation. Thats when I realized the penal system is solely for the poor, to incarcerate poor young men to work them like slaves.

Ditto for John Hinkley who shot President Reagan. His rich daddy had enough money to get him declared “insane.” After a couple of decades, he’s declared “cured” and free.

Yes, I’ll give you that one. If you rich enough you can get away with murder.