Sorry Donald, I can't watch any more you are losing and she knowns it


He is clearly losing the debate! I have MUTED the TV …


I’ve turned it off. He has 30 minutes to turn it around but I doubt it.

Adios America!


The man cannot stay on point.


Apparently neither can Hillary


I was bouncing back and forth between the debate and the Blue Jays game, but I did catch enough of it to have an informed opinion.

He was clearly out of his league and unprepared. He had better hope his $140M in commercial ads make a big difference because his debating will not. If he doesn’t have the inclination to learn and win in these debates he shouldn’t be respected as caring enough to be president, and thus he deserves his fate, that’s what I think. This is what almost everyone guessed about him, and everyone was warned, even both Cruz and Rubio said that this would be the outcome so this shouldn’t be a surprise. Both of those guys could debate, especially Cruz, Trump clearly cannot and she came out looking good while he looks silly. He doesn’t even seem to care about doing so. That’s his own fault.

It’s only one debate, Trump is like Teflon Don, he finds a way to get through which has been astonishing to me quite frankly. I recall last election that Obama lost the first debate fairly badly, it created a big bump for Romney and Obama recovered and did well in the next debates and of course won the election.

Furthermore, he clearly can’t help himself, he takes every bait. She is more experienced and prepared and they played him like a fiddle. I don’t find anything wrong with that at all, it shows she does her homework and is committed to winning. Trump can’t keep going off the cuff and expect that she is going to be nice, she is calculating and won the debate, which will probably be the case for all three.

Here’s a guarantee. He will be better prepared in the next debate, he will go harder against her, he will get dirty and in the mud, he will get specific and score more points. In the end, it won’t matter, he will lose the election by at least five points. He will be the first loser in a race of two less than stellar candidates.


Hillary control ball and kept him on his heels and on the defense the whole time. He missed so many plays and opportunities to go on offense and score…but he forgot his playbook on Benghazi, e mails, Clinton foundation…those alone could have her down…


I avoided the debate for just this reason.

It doesn’t matter. I’d vote for a blank line, to keep that crazy old bat out of the office. It’s been a year she’s had to show us HOW deranged, as well as how sick, she really is.

And this is true even if Donnie is really running a confederate’s game, deliberately throwing the election. I don’t think he is, now…but if he is or if he’s changed his mind, it matters not. The sick old cow is UNFIT. In a thousand ways.

I don’t know where it goes from here but I know what comes of her win. Violence in the street…not right away, but as the country collapses.


It’s more than that, he simply can’t debate. He let’s things get under his skin too easily.


TRUMP IS SURE TO LOSE! He can’t possibly survive this horrible event! The election is over!

A very common thought. That’s been wrong every single time it’s been shouted. But hey, maybe this time is different.


Every single poll that I have seen has Trump winning.
Most of them have him winning by a lot!

The reason he won is not because he is a polished, scripted, lying politician but exactly because he isn’t!

Most people saw a debate between Trump and Hillary/Holt tonight and not many folks were fooled.


He lost the debate, gave oxygen to her campaign and even made her look good. Regardless of the election outcome. Even if he somehow won the general election, it doesn’t change the outcome of this debate.

I said from the day he won the GOP that he is going to lose this election, this was especially more evident when he decided to get away from his anti-establishment, economic message to this new “law and order” candidate. He doesn’t need to appeal to that segment of the population, he needs to speak about jobs and hope for those who don’t feel they have any. I’m not sure why he doesn’t see this, am I wrong on this suggestion?

I have learned alot by watching this election, in particular how poor and sad these candidates are. If Rubio, Rand Paul, Carson Jeb Bush, and probably even Cruz won the primaries, any of them would have won the debate and possibly the election. Trump won’t change his ways, maybe he doesn’t have the capacity to change and learn that there is a major difference between a rally and a one on one debate in front of 100 million people.

Furthermore, this probably means the next debate gets alot tougher for Clinton on a personal level. That is what Trump general reverts to when he feels he is losing.


bull. he is ahead. Only the media wants you to think he’s losing. We are f’d up for sure if people keep letting the media lead them around by the nose. She lied her way thru this thing. He is not as trained in lying as she is. He’s normal. He may just turn this country around but we’ll be stuck with the lying old cow if you give up now.


Did you watch the debate? In my opinion he clearly lost. He started strong and then took the bait over and over.


Did you bother looking at the twenty polls that are listed on the page that I linked to?

Surely the thousands who have voted and show exactly the opposite of what you believe can’t be all wrong?


Even CNBC has Trump up by 13 points!

Good Lord … Hollywood Gossip has Trump up 61% to 38%! lol


Time 60 to 40 … Trump!
You lose my friend! 8)


Polls come and go, they change everyday and they are far from perfect. We are speaking specifically about the debate. It is clear to me he lost the most, especially in regards to the big temperament question.

You stand in from of 100 million people in the most important debate in your life and you don’t come prepared? To me that’s an insult to the voters. You can’t “wing” everything and hope your opponents negatives will just outweigh your own, you have to earn votes at some point.


I see a lot of conservative handwringing here in this thread. But I think shockedcanadian touched on two things here that argue for cooler minds to prevail.

First of all, “it’s only one debate” makes this an inconsequential single event, not only because there are two more to come, but also because I have NEVER seen a candidate IN A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION (not in a primary) prevail when “winning” a single debate. The one possible exception may have been the Kennedy/Nixon debates, when Nixon “sweated” on TV and his 5 o’clock shadow showed, and Kennedy “won” based on that (appearances).

And even then, it was a close (very close) race, so it’s debatable if even that debate was decisive (Kennedy’s father may have bought the presidency for him anyway.)

In any case, I don’t think either candidte hit it out of the ballpark. Even if you thought Hitlery “won” (and maybe she did . . . I don’t know and I don’t care), it was NOT by a wide enough margin to make a significant difference.

And the second point that shockedcanadian makes, also very pertinent, is that Romney CRUSHED Obama in the FIRST DEBATE, AND OBAMA WENT ON TO WIN.

shockedcanadian seems to be anti-Trump, so the portion of the post I quoted seems incongruous. I’m not a Trump fan either, but I’m definitely ANTI-HITLERY!!

But at the end of the day, presidential debates DO NOT decide elections.


I give the rabid leftists more credit than I give you.
Even they know that this so called debate was nothing more than a forum to hogtie Trump and give the Beast (Hillary) every advantage!

If I had been Trump I would have paused the debate and asked Holt if he needed the time to grab a third podium and join the race for President!

I also suspect that Hillary’s ‘team’ had been ‘fed’ the questions ahead of time!

You keep living the delusions that the media feeds you!
Don’t do any thinking for yourself because I’m sure … that would be a difficult thing after so many years!


Again, regardless, he didn’t handle himself well. If I was on the debate stage and had some of these tough questions, even if I deemed them unfair, I would have been able to answer them with strength but with poise. One has to always do their best to look in control. You can get angry, you can have passion, but you need to look composed.

Furthermore, as much as one debate doesn’t make an election, no candidate ever wants to lose a debate. Every moment, debate, rally impacts your results, you have to bring your “A” game everyday, never is this more important than in a debate one on one with your opponent.

If I was an undecided in the U.S I would still be undecided after this debate, but as an economic Conservative social Libertarian, Trump would appeal to my economic beliefs in terms of taxation and regulations, but Clinton would appeal to my sense of faith in issues such as justice reform to a greater extent. She would have gained at least a second look on her broader campaign simply on her demeanour. She might be more polished and prepared but most importantly she kept her composure. That’s a big deal.