Sorry guys, you may not like Clinton, but Sanders would be worse...


This guy is further left than any party we have in Canada. Might be a nice guy, but his economic policies and ideas would force record bankruptcies at light speed. Watching the debates on CNN.

Furthermore, I as much as anyone wanted to see him bring some passion, and he has, but in these debates he does seem fairly rude. As well, his supporters shout down Clinton, and are as bad as those who protest Trumps rallies.

When some of these supporters go this far left, they be downright batty. Maybe it’s because many of them are young and lack life experiences and realism, but it’s scary…


Slick CHILLy is as corrupt, inept, and malign as the day is long.

The Bern has less than tenuous contact with reality and espouses a political philosophy whose various 20th Century implementations slaughtered and starved a couple hundred innocents.

Between them there’s no lesser evil, just different kinds of similar magnitude.


It’s like choosing which train you want to see wrecked.


Those are his supporters mainly, protesting Trump.


Behn-Knee is crazier, no argument. That, to me, is his selling point.

I mean…he’s SO far around the bend…he’ll be able to do nothing. He’ll flail for a short time and then either pop an artery or else just be removed for lack of mental fitness for the job.

The HAG…is far more dangerous. She’s bought and paid for. She has sponsors and friends and plants in dank, dark crevices - and it will be hard to remove her; hard to prove a connection between the obvious treason that’s to come, and her fingertips.

Behn-Knee is comic relief. We don’t need comedy; we need strong, positive action; but comic relief and marking time will be better than what Her Hillaryness will bring and implement.


Berning Man would be a skinny guy on the beach if he were to get elected. Nothing but sand kicked in his face. If the boy won by the time he exits stage left he would be nearly 80, assuming he does not go out sooner on a stretcher. I have little fear of him as President.

HildaBeast on the other hand has a love of money and power to great as there is NOTHING off the table. Worse, where Obama is bought and paid for by Soros BroomHilda is obliged to leaders all over the world. She is like a street whore that has a 1000 pimps. Her job as Sec State has laid the foundation for selling out this country making that would make Obama look like a patriot on the 4th of July.

While Obama has packed the top level of govt with mostly black Muslims, Hitlery will take it much further. Our govt will not even look like a govt, it will be full of every sexual deviant, pervert and minority you can imagine. The sole requirement to be there will be color, religion and sexual preference-deviation.

And you can only imagine the results…


We don’t need to. We’ll see it in nine months.

This is it…put a fork in it. It’s done. One of three things happens at the Republican convention: Trump wins, on first or subsequent; Cruz wins on second or subsequent; or the Insiders pull a fast one and put one of their liberal boyZ in, instead.

If Trump is the nominee…first, I think he’s at a natural disadvantage to the Hag. A lot of Trump’s support is from Republicans-For-A-Day - crossover Democrats. And…his complete lack of a moral compass; his so-far endless slander and untruth, as written for him by Nixon insider Roger Stone; his past support of Leftist policies…AND…his REJECTION of Free Market values in place of a Luddite scheme to place all kinds of tariffs. This was discredited REPEATEDLY through human history - Adam Smith and Milton Friedman both showed how tariffs stifle economies and removing them makes all sides wealthier. And Smoot-Hawley sits there in the record books, as proof.

But Trump wants to do it again. Know what that means, to us free-market Constitutionalists? We’ll sit it out. Vote third party or just not select a President. JUST AS WITH Mittens four years ago - in greater numbers.


If Cruz is the nominee…you can bet your sweet bippy that Lord Trumpy will be up to his by-now usual nonsense…agitating for his cultists to riot; suing, making the repeatedly-discredited claim that Cruz is not eligible; paying Stone to plant more lies and more smears. Trump is a narcissist and a poor loser; and what all will do is divide the Republicans further. Constitutionalists versus Trump cultists.

If the Insiders plant one of their own non-conservatives on the ticket…one of the Open-Borders More-Common-Core types…Trump likewise will be acting out and inciting riots. Cruz will probably just disappear in disgust. And MOST of the base will be revolted. There might come a third party out of that; but the end result will be, a very-small Republican tally; a maybe-somewhat bigger independent-conservative count; but - as her purported husbad did 24 years ago - Madame Clinton will win with a plurality.

And there goes the nation. All legal options will have just failed; and the choice will be, whether people are patriotic enough to die on their feet, as opposed to living on their bellies.


In fairness, except for immigration reform, Clinton is further to the Right than Donald is so maybe this isn’t such a bad thing.


Yes, she is probably less radical than Chief Big-Hair.

No, that is not a good thing. BOTH of them are SO insufferably unsuitable, her election cannot be described that way. She’s as bad; bad in different ways; but they’re both Leftists; they’re both for unrestrained big government; they’re both narcissists; they’re both without moral roots.


Just passin,
Sadly I think you are right and no matter how I read the tea leaves I see her as the winner.

For some time this has rattled around in my head:

Is there ANY chance that Trump is a “red herring” to insure a Hitlery win???


I believe it’s so.

Here’s why: Trump…got out the gate with a bang. He was READY - with policy proposals; support of serious people, some of them working on tax and immigration issues. People responded immediately.

He COULD have just swept things up. He even had grudging respect, in those early days, of Cruz and other conservative and conservative-leaning candidates.

IF he had just stuck to serious matters.

INSTEAD…he hired Roger Stone, he of the Nixon Dirty Tricks office…and immediately started smearing his rivals. And not even with facts - with DELIBERATE untruths.

I don’t think that was accidental. LIES…DIVIDE. True statements are things serious people can rally around, along with hangers-on. A lie, or series of lies…roughly half the audience will check and see it’s a lie and see that it’s deliberate - and they’ll be repulsed, will turn on him. The credulous and the cultists…the sheeple, the hangers-on…will stick with the liar.

Okay. Trump has made destroying Cruz’ character a key issue. This, of course, has hardened Cruz - a serious man, miles above Trump in intelligence and education. Cruz is NOT going to knuckle under and withdraw under this assault.

This was done deliberately - TO FRAGMENT the Republican Party. SHATTER it.

Had Trump NOT done this, or walked it back…I seriously believe that Cruz, fighting an uphill battle with borrowed money, would have bowed out and endorsed Trump. Endorsed the Trump we all saw a year ago. Trump would have had the nomination locked up by now, and Cruz, perhaps, sitting on the short list for VP.

That would have unified the Tea Party, the base…everyone but the Insider BoyZ.

But that is not Trump’s AIM. He WANTS the party divided. If he’s denied the nomination, expect him to do the Turd party move. Split the vote, like Ross Perot.

He’ll do that if they nominate a non-candidate cipher like Paul Rino; and he’ll do that if Cruz finagles a second-ballot win.

If HE gets the nomination…expect him to go batsh!t crazy on the campaign trail. Expect him to DELIBERATELY act nutzo, propose cutting bad deals, promise to prosecute Cruz and maybe deport him to Cruz’ “native” country…promise to “reform” immigration in ways the Chamber of Crony Commerce likes.

Expect him to do everything he can to hand the election to his old, paid-for friends, the Clintons.


You words reflect my thoughts. He is a close ally of the Klintons, always has been. You cannot swim in Dimocratic water for as long as he has and not stink when you get out of the water…


Sanders would be worse if you were a progressive… not a conservative as many of you are. Any economy that quickly transfers between Anarchy, Capitalism, Corporatism, Fascism, Nordic Socialism, Goulash Socialism, Sovietism rapidly falls apart. I am all for Nordic Socialism, I say it would not be possible under Sanders or right now. Right now Our Debt to GDP putting wars on the national debt, it’s just not feeasable. Also we lack that homogenity that allows nations to form those deep community ties using the nordic model. Right now both parties are very Corporatist. Right now we are slaves to speculation, and Sanders would start a speculation panic just as Cruz or Trump Would. Trump’s panic would be a bit different than Cruz. Atleast Cruz has a brain. Hillary would just be Obama 2.0 which seems to be ironically working right now for the majority of people. I was never a fan of Corporatisim, yet it works. Right now our national debt is just barely sustainable. Adding to it, we can’t, simply can’t without paying down. The 0.1% will always find ways to hide money. Hell I find ways to hide money (from wife, etc). You guys gotta realize when you do that whole starve the beast method like Bush did it doesn’t shrink government, it hurts people. Government will never ever get smaller, it will only get different. Government is kind of like a heart beat, it reflects back how we act. I think if you want conservative ideas to flurish you have to have a culture that doesn’t represent victimhood. Many minorities have this victimhood cycle they just beat over and over. Now White Christian males are acting like they are oppressed and I’m like hey do you really wannabe a “protected class”. Now the other hand, the tea party/budget hawks want to rip the bandaid off so fast they cause the wound to get bigger. Right now people are moving back into work. Labor force participation rates are rising. Corpartisim or Obamanomics are somehow working. My biggest fear is that, a speculation leading to contraction happens if the country moves too far right or too far left at once.


Long term, speculation’s effects on prices are very minor; economists liken it to noise. Unless price controls have themselves been set, prices tend to reflect market fundamentals.

This is true of oil, this is true of derivatives.

> I think if you want conservative ideas to flurish you have to have a culture that doesn’t represent victimhood. Many minorities have this victimhood cycle they just beat over and over. Now White Christian males are acting like they are oppressed and I’m like hey do you really wannabe a “protected class”.

In terms of Religious Liberty? Yes, and I mean that precisely as the Constitution meant it. As in, I do not want this treated as a “technicality” to be sidelined at the Government’s pleasure, but rather as a honest objection to be negotiated in good faith whenever it conflicts with policy.

Ergo, I do not want the Little Sisters of the Poor attacked or fined, as they are now, because they do not wish to help the Government provide abortifacients. They do not have an interest in promoting a goal they do not share. It does not matter how convinced the Government is in its conclusion that providing these pills somehow “promotes the general welfare”; compelling people to violate their own ethos is wrong.

> Now the other hand, the tea party/budget hawks want to rip the bandaid off so fast they cause the wound to get bigger.

If you can, elaborate what you mean by this please.