SOTU Address - All You Need To Know


This will be a VERY short post - it needn’t be longer. I watched Pres. Obama’s SOTU address last night for as long as I could keep my blood pressure under control.

Here are the two things you need to know in order to translate Obama’s rhetoric:

  1. This nation’s problems can best be solved by the federal government.
  2. The word “investment” took center stage in Obama’s address. Investment, as he used the term, is a code word for increased federal spending and higher taxes and higher energy prices.

There, that’s the translation/essence of the two basic points he made.


He also called for a rise in minimum wage to $9/hr. He also talked about gay marriage a little bit and some construction projects to rebuild bridges and roads, stuff like that.


I was busy cleaning weapons.


$9.00/hr minimum wage translation = fewer employees performing the same amount of work.
Gay marriage = most people don’t give a damn.
Infrastructure spending - are these work projects “shovel ready”? He will plead this case as just another reason to raise taxes when what is needed is to prioritize spending.


Anyone surprised?


I’m undecided on minimum wage increases. On the one hand, massive corporations are making more money than before the recession, sometimes record profits, yet the median wage decreases. At the same time, increasing minimum wage hurts small businesses, yet other countries work with higher minimum wages.


…and let’s not forget that the rich need to do more to pay their fair share of taxes. That spending is not the problem…that the greedy rich are the problem.


Trekky, --------WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT? What massive corporations? and where are they making more money ? most corporations are based here but produce overseas, way too expensive to manufacture product here, labor costs too high, insurance cost too hign, material costs too high, and regulations too restrictive. Minimum wage has all but put teens out of the fast food market and other start up jobs.and what other countries have higher minimum wage and are actually productive?
Even the democrat base was below any approval rating of this idiot.
Climate change, this issue tells America of Obama’s progressive world order leanings. How much more BS from this potus [lower case meant] before republicans and uber conservatives actually stand up to him and the media, calling him out for the treacherous despot he really is? There is soooooo much pandering and fawning going on with the republican congress.


I am utterly sick of that dipsh*! using victims of bad people commiting crimes to push his agenda. I’m sick of him using examples from Chicago, when it is completely and utterly clear that the laws they have do not work, yet they want to push those on the rest of us. I’m sick of minimum wage being raised to “keep up with the standard of living” which has been artifically inflated from them handing out “aid” to anyone and everyone whose sole job in their life is to be a societal leech, taking money from those of us who choose to work and be a productive member of society.

I now have just started becoming enraged anytime anybody in the government opens their mouth. It really makes me think that just not paying attention and being ignorant to reality is the way to be happy in this day and age.

That being said, just legalize gay marriage already. Think of all that extra money they will get from the licenses. Then they can promptly give it away to more lazy people.


The S&P 500 just hit a Nov 2007 high: Wall Street flat, S&P 500 touches November 2007 high | Reuters

Australia has a higher minimum wage, and stays productive, though mostly due to its exports.


The S&P 500:


exactly, they have 70% of the resources/land the US has but only 7% of the population.


In any case, France, Canada, the UK, Ireland, Australia, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Switzerland all have higher minimum wages. The only western countries below us are Spain, Japan, and Greece, as well as Israel. Like I said, I’m undecided, but it does seem like the median wage should be higher than it is; whether that means raising the minimum wage or not, I don’t know.


How many people do you know that work for minimum wage. Texas is one of the lower cost of living places in the US and every place here already pays over the minimum wage and most over the Obama $9 minimum wage.


I made minimum wage washing dishes for a while in college. If you don’t know anyone that works for minimum wage, go down to the local McDonald’s.

And if what you say is true, than raising the minimum wage to $9 wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it?


Its a waste of time either way, its a non issue and we should spend time focusing on economic growth. That is the only thing that will raise incomes.


1 country, and the stock market is not a good eye on the manufacturing prowess of America, the stock market is a betting game.


Te S&P 500 is the top 500 companies of the stock market, and is widely regarded as a good measure for the health of the economy and the market.




OMGosh!!! I almost choked reading this!!! :rofl: