SOTU Questions


Is the President questioning whether R and D can or should work together and does political rancour cause rifts or is it a healthy debate that is the right of American politics. ???
When referenced against the statement of moving ahead together — or not at all, does not fill me with any glad tidings.
And if we are poised for progress because the stockmarket has come roaring back, is it a short term bubble that when (not if) it bursts we shall again retern to more stimulus packages and bailouts. ??? Will the nation be heading towards a $20 T hole ???
I think that perhaps this FALGAFT Plan point of -; “remove the measuring standard of success by the results of Wall Street and create a new paradigm of success based on sustainability”, is not such a bad thing.
Which begs the question -; is this SOTU address for the people or a dress rehersal for the Presidential Term (2).???