Sources: Excavator Operator In Deadly Building Collapse To Face Charges


Sources tell CBS 3 the excavator operator involved with Wednesday’s deadly building collapse in Center City will face six counts of involuntary manslaughter.

Sources tell CBS 3 that blood tests on the excavator operator, 42-year-old Sean Benschop, detected the presence of a prescription painkiller and marijuana.

The blood, along with urine, was taken from Benschop at the hospital approximately two hours after the collapse at 22nd and Market Streets, which killed six people and injured 13.

Sources: Crane Operator In Building Collapse Had Pot, Painkiller In His System « CBS Philly
Remember marijuana is your friend. To bad about those who were killed but hey he was mellow


I’m one of those nasssssty people who does not want some one whose alertness and judgment are possibly affected by an intoxicating or depressing chemical working next to me. Working around 10s or 100s of amps or thousands of volts, as I have for over 30 years, requires full, unimpaired, alertness and judgment; users of such chemicals are poor judges of their alertness and judgment.


If anyone around here who advocates the legalization of marijuana EVER advocated its use on the job, you’ll have to refresh my memory.


That it was detected doesn’t mean he used it on the job, urine tests detect marijuana up to a month after use depending on body composition and some other factors. A saliva test would tell if he had used it in the past 72 hours, IIRC.

If he was on an Rx-only painkiller, it’s likely he was taking it every day. Most likely an opiate or GABA agonist if it was neuropathic, neither of which should be used when operating machinery.