South Africa Says Nelson Mandela's Condition Critical


JOHANNESBURG—South Africa’s iconic former leader Nelson Mandela has lapsed into critical condition after spending more than two weeks in a Pretoria hospital to treat a lung infection, according to a statement from the president’s office.
President Jacob Zuma and deputy president of the ruling African National Congress, Cyril Ramaphosa, visited Mr. Mandela at the hospital Sunday evening. The medical team treating Mr. Mandela told the pair of visitors the condition of the 94-year-old former president had “become critical over the past 24 hours,” according to the president’s office…
South Africa’s Nelson Mandela in Critical Condition -


Sad to hear. I hope he makes it past this tough hurdle.


I never was a Mandela fan, because of his Communist idealogy and politics, but I admire his courage and honesty.


I hope he recovers. If not I hope he passes away painlessly. He is one of my few role models not because of his politics but because of his character.