Southern States going Democrat


Here in Florida, the Democrats had a wide open primary with many candidates. An African-American mayor from Tallahassee, Andrew Gilliam, won in an upset with 33% of the vote. Gilliam is an extreme leftist who is pushing for single payer health care, open borders, the end of ICE and over a billion dollars in new state spending with taxes raises to match it. The last poll I heard claims that he is up by 9 points over Republican Rick DiSantos.

If this clown wins, it’s going to get really tough for a lot of retirees here. I am sure that he will be pushing for a state income tax, and there are measures on the ballot which could push our sales tax up the 8 1/2%.

In the mean time it appears that Ted Cruz is running neck and neck with an equally left wing candidate in Texas. Cruz’s opponent is just like Gilliam with similar views.

When is happening in the South? Are the Democrats about ready to take over the rest of the country? You hear these claims that the U.S. is a centrist country, and yet it appears that we about to take a major lurch to the left.

What do you think?


I find it extremely hard to tell what’s happening. The stinking media spins it like the “blue wave” is a certain thing. But then they thought Trump would lose in a landslide.

I’ve been polled very few times in my life, but a couple weeks ago, a pollster called me and asked very leading questions, like which candidate do I think will fight the hardest to protect Maryland from President Trump’s agenda? Seriously! I argued with the pollster, so he hung up. If that poll is indicative of polls, they’re worthless.

I’m counting on President Trump to hit his rallies hard and pull the country toward sanity.


Here in Florida, we get polled constantly. I usually hang upon them because they are pests who too often call during the dinner hour.

One poll that I did answer took my opinions and then launched to a series of comments that said, “Here’s “fact” about your candidate, now don’t you think that he sucks?” I hung up on it. The whole thing was computer run. This was during the Republican primary so it was Republican eating Republican.


Part of problem is from what I’ve heard is that people are moving from California to Texas because of the cost of living. What those people don’t realize is that part of the problem with California comes from the socialist Democrat politians they keep electing to office. They vote for the same garbage, and then they wonder why their lives suck.

I call California governor, Jerry Brown, the antique governor. He is a product of the 1960s. He will never figure out that communism and hippy politics don’t work.

Some people think that being a liberal turns you into an “instant intellectual.” A better analysis would be “one definition of insanity is during the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.” We have the same problem in Florida with the people who here from the north.


The only polls that even contain an ounce of integrity are the ones released in the final 2 weeks, those are the polls that get used to evaluate the accuracy of the different polling organizations and determine what they can charge “going forward”.

Everything being released now will be forgotten, today’s polls are designed to set a narrative and nothing more.

But even the final polls will be interpreted by the average metrics of the last few midterm results, but the only midterm that had a ticked off Right Wing in recent times was 2010; that is further back than they use for their average.

Suffice to say there will be no “blue wave”, the Left would need a 10 point advantage in the last week to even come close given the anger brewing in the “Silent Majority” right now.


WHY anyone pays the least attention to “polls” will always remain a mystery to me. They’ve shown themselves to be wildly inaccurate time and again.


Let’s you are right about the polls. Gilliam will be a disaster for Florida in every way. He will wreck the economy, and no one will benefit, including the poor and the illegal immigrants who are so important to him.

Rick Scot won his two gubernatorial races by very narrow margins. Florida is a “purple state.” The trouble is no one figured on the Democrats nominating a radical socialist so soon. The socialists are taking charge of the party everywhere.


It’s a matter of leftist migration from the high tax, low freedom areas of the North East and California.

When I lived in Tampa, it was a rare event to meet someone who was actually from Florida.
Most people were from NJ, NY, Puerto Rico, “Baston” and so on.

Texas is having a large influx of people, mainly to the Austin area, for IT jobs. Many are coming from CA.

In my office, one of our new hires is from Denver. I wish these people would move to 4/20 friendly place and leave my Gulf South the hell alone.


My son lives in Clearwater, Florida, moving there from Dallas, Texas, to get clear of a toxic ex-wife. He now wishes he’d done so years ago, but is dismayed at the number of lefties he encounters there.


Trump has destroyed the Republican Party. The only question is, what will arise from the ashes after Trump has gone. In the meantime, batten down the hatches.


I think you have that in reverse. Trump has revived the Republican Party by enacting tax cuts and attacking excessive regulations, which should be the objectives of all true Republicans. Losing a few RINOs like Jeff Flake and Bob Corker will be good things in the end.

Corker got on my bad side when he backhandedly supported Obama’s Iran nuclear deal by requiring a two-thirds vote in the Senate to block it. Corker knew that it could never be rejected under those conditions, and he gave cover to Chuck Schumer so the he could vote against it to keep the New York senator’s Jewish voters happy.


Good news!

The latest poll shows that Gilliam is only up by 1%, which is well within the margin of error. One can only hope that Gilliam keeps sliding in the polls.


Well, we’ll see. I hope I’m wrong.
The only glimmers of hope I see is that (1) Trump is not captive to the bi-partisan Washington foreign policy establishment, and may therefore bring the US out of the Carry-On-the-Cold-War path into which it’s been locked every since Communism collapsed. But the evidence is mixed. The Democrats are certainly doing everything they can to keep the Russian Bogey Man ‘threat’ alive, (2) The Democrats may also be destroying themselves by turning into the DSA. .


Wonderful news! I personally think it’s bad luck to look at polls. If they show your candidate losing, and are right, it’s just gloom from start to finish. If they show him losing, and he wins, it’s gloom followed by elation, which is probably bad for the health. If they show him winning and he does, it’s boring. If they show your candidate winning, and he loses …well, see the delicious YouTube compilations of smug liberal commentators on election night 2016 as they see state after state going red. I watch this downloaded video whenever I need cheering up. But I don’t want to supply a similar one to the Left.


I responded to a phone poll a couple of weeks ago. I don’t usually do that. Most of it was pretty straight forward, and applied to the state of PA. I had to admit that I didn’t know much about the candidates (except the incumbents), and he made a specific comment of one incumbent (pardon my ignorance, but I think he’s a state Senator - FC can correct me if I’m wrong), Bob Casey, Jr. Now his dad, Bob, Sr. was more conservative than his republican opponent in my memory. But Bob, Jr. is a different kettle of fish. First off, during this “interview”, I had opportunity to bad-mouth our governor, Tom Wolfe, a pretty far left tool. I think there was some mention of some of the candidates being more concerned with what “helped” them, than what was good for the state. The interviewer said of Bob Casey, Jr., that he was known to take certain positions that showed he had the interest of the state at heart, and asked if that would change my opinion in voting for him (I really know nothing about his opponent), and I said, “I don’t trust Bob Casey.”


U.S. Senator (not my fault…).