Southern states rights: Read yo' history books!


As your REPRESENTITIVE in the Senate, may I say “Bully for North Carolina” and it’s stand against HB laws…
I seem to recall, that is, remember, don’t you know, a situation where SOUTHERN STATES was pushed before…Back in '61 it was (1861) and there was lots of blood spilt over somebody from the North attempting to coerce Dixie! Ya’ll best watch it…you ain’t got no "Uncle Abe " no more. And WE UN’S aint saddled with JEFF DAVIS, either.
Careful…we don’t push easy.

Filibuster Foghorn


Yeah, right.


been savin my Dixie cups because the South is gonna rise agin…


Believe me; this northerner is happily on NC’s side when it comes to keeping perverts out of girls’ restrooms.