SpaceX beats the crap out of everyone

I work for two companies, and I’m apart of both The National Team, and the Dynetics Team.

And both of my teams lost. Because we’re not even playing the same game as the winner.

Dynetics and Blue Origin are building minorly innovative small landers that can fit ~5 people, max. They both leave parts behind, and have to be re-euipped after each landing.

SpaceX built a Mars-going dreadnought that can fit 80. And it’s fully reusable. And it doesn’t even need SLS to get there or comeback.

But you want to really know why was SpaceX selected? Because NASA was given so much less money than they asked for, that Spacex was the only affordable solution (literally half the cost of BO’s pitch).

It was also the best value.

So bravo Biden administration. I’ll admit you didn’t make the wrong choice here.

I just feel… so left out. You know how embarrassing it is to admit “I work for two space companies who are not going to the Moon”?

“We do have Orion, so we’re at least Moon adajcen–” nope, can’t even say that with a straight face.