Special Prosecutors - History


I can only assume that it must be illegal for a Republican administration/Republican appointed AG to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate suspected wrong-doing by anyone but a Republican.

I mean, how else can one explain the appointment of a Special Prosecutor in the matters of, 1) Watergate; 2) Iran Contra and 3) the “outing” of Valerie Plame, but . . .

No appointment of a Special Prosecutor when Democrats are involved in, 1) “Fast and Furious”, 2) Use of a government agency (IRS) to go after Republican groups seeking special tax status, 3) Hillary’s Emails/exposure of confidential/secret information, 4) Hillary’s oversight of the sale of US uranium to Russia/large donations to the Clinton Foundation by several who profited from said sale and subsequent $500K speaking fee for Bill Clinton speaking in Russia, 5) AG Loretta Lynch’s meeting on the tarmac at Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport with Bill Clinton, whose wife was under FBI investigation, and 6) Wasserman-Schultz’s IT expert arrested on fraud charges as he attempts to leave country and her keeping him on the payroll for months (at taxpayer’s expense) after he had been denied congressional security clearance.

It is inexplicable by any rational means.

Where in the hell is the Republican outrage? Oh, wait, I know - Republican Party regulars (establishment) are too busy scuttling the Trump presidency to raise hell over such mundane matters as those listed above.




Words cannot describe the contempt that I have for The Grand Old Party.