Spite Work!


I have determined that there are reasons that I would vote against Obama…But there are also PEOPLE I would vote against Obama to spite! My dear grandmother used to refer to this as “spite work”. Join the fun! Here is my “Off the top of my head” list of those I would vote for Mitt Romney to ***SPITE!

1)The Reverand Al Sharpton
2) Anderson Cooper
3) “Bubba” Clinton and wife
4) Jane Fonda and husband
5) Gay Activist Group (GAG) You KNOW who you are!
6) Al Franken
7) Michael Moore
8) Everybody at MSNBC,HLN,NBC,ABC,CNN,CBS and PBS…

I know I left somebody out, so give me a hand!

The Senator


Chuck Schumer
Harry Reid
Nancy Pelosi
Joe Biden
New Black Panthers
Chris Matthews
George Soros-Peter Lewis
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Alan Combs

Got more but my chain saw is calling me, got work to do


Space Aliens
Power Rangers
The Voices in my head
Ghost Hunters
the stay puff marshmallow man


Did anybody mention David Letterman?
The present “Saturday Night Live” crew?
I will repeat,"Al Sharpton"
The staff and “ground crew” of MOVEON…take your own advice…you and Barack Hussein Obama “Move On”

The Senator