Spring and those endless projects

I have been up since 5 am today working on projects that need doing.

I had to spread weed and feed, I have those nasty dandelions again,on the lawn while the dew was on it, I put down some dirt to even out the yard and put out grass seed as well.

I caulked a window and did some trimming with the trimmer.

I started to work on the breezeway to put those foam insulation things behind the switches and outlets.

I found it is going to be a bigger job than I thought.

I am going have to use some of that low pressure foam around some of the switches and probably the outlets. Funny how one finds things one did not know about when doing something.

I wanted to insulate the switches and outlets that were on outside walls and when i took off the plates I found that I could see right into the wall because there was space between the boxes and the wall.

I think I will get new switches and outlets as well as the appropriate covers so they all match when I finish the job

What can I say, home improvement is fun.