Squeaky Clean


With all the dirt-seekers trying to find something on Trump (Michael Moore, Mueler, CNN, etc.), he and ALL his staff would have to be squeaky clean to avoid it.

That’s just impossible. The law of averages says it is there.

NO human is squeaky clean. You could find dirt on Mother Theresa if you looked long enough and deep enough.

It’s going to happen.

The question will be: Will it be serious enough for the Dems to use successfully?

Yes, they will try to use ANYTHING they find, even if it’s trivial. But if it’s a minor issue, Trump’s lawyers may be able to squash it.

But if it’s something that the Dems can twist (IOW, serious dirt) to make a successful run at Trump, look out.

I hope he’s done his due diligence on this, 'cause it is inevitable.


Considering the Mike Flynn fiasco, I doubt it.


These hacks have been digging for dirt on Trump for 2 years now, they have offered money and fame to anyone who can produce something damaging; they have used all of the resources of a corrupt government to assist them in this hatchet job.

They are trying to destroy someone who has been a public figure for decades, employed thousands of men and women around the globe, logged countless hours of TV and radio broadcast time and who has had business dealings with thousands of sub contractors.

So far this unprecedented witch hunt has produced NOTHING.

At this point their attempts to lynch Trump are accomplishing nothing beyond destroying their own houses, there are no smoking guns except the ones that the Left are pointing at their own heads.


Nothing criminal so far that I can see, beyond a potential perjury charge against Sessions if the account from the Russian ambassador is verified. But that’s kind of beside the point. All of the disgraceful lying from the Trump team about their engagement with Russian intelligence during the election is proof enough of their utter moral depravity and contempt for the public.


I’m amazed (not really) at your willingness to accept the unsupported word of the lying media–or even of the Russians–over that of a man of unquestioned character, honesty and ability. What “lying” are you speaking of? So far, I’ve not seen a single, proven instance of anyone on the Trump team “lying” except for Flynn lying to VP Pence about HIS meetings and about his receiving a “speaking fee” from the Russians. Every other such accusation is just that–an UNPROVEN accusation by people with an obvious, admitted agenda…to thwart President Trump.


'As everyone here knows, I was skeptical of Trump’s campaign for the Presidency for some time. I believed that he was a stalking horse for Hillary Clinton and didn’t REALLY want to be President, but wanted to “throw” the election so she’d be sure to win. I was dead-bang wrong and the longer I see what the establishment is trying to do to him and his populist agenda, the better I like him and want him to succeed.


Sessions is as straight a shooter as they come, there is no barrage of fake news that will overcome his genuine character regardless of how often the lemmings repeat it.

I have zero concern that this post will ever be quoted by a Sessions attacker after evidence arises that would expose it as fallacious, the day of the liars prospering ended when their media cohorts decided to flush their own credibility down the toilet in spectacular fashion.

The only moral depravity on display is by those who hurl baseless accusations at the Trump team with zero evidence to back it up and with full knowledge that no crimes have even been suggested to have been committed by any of them.

You guys backed the only proved criminal on the ballot last November, that fact will not be extinguished by any shadows that you attempt to cast on the innocent.


Trump and Trump Jr both said there was no meaningful contact whatsover with the Russian government during the election. Trump Jr even went so far as to suggest that the people saying the campaign met with Russian operatives demonstrated their lack of a “moral compass.”

This was all lies.

Trump Jr. then was caught red handed, beyond any ability for sane or honest people to dispute, lying about this meeting several times. Trump Jr met with a Russian lawyer with ties to Russian intelligence on the promise that the Russians were backing Trump and had dirt on Clinton. It’s also worth noting that, after his eldest son was caught red-handed lying about the meeting several times, also proving that he had been lying about Russian contacts for months in the most debased possible way, our POTUS publicly praised his son’s “high character” and “transparency.” Let that sink in, if you have a shred of moral character. These are people without even a hint of moral shame.

None of these meetings or the outright statement in the emails that the Russians wanted to interfere in the election was reported to officials by the Trump campaign. In fact, there is every appearance of a cover-up. Trump Jr says he never told his father about this meeting that was attended by high ranking campaign officials. This claim, especially given his other lies about the meeting, has zero credibility. Trump knew, and lied. This is a serious lie. It’s not even about a crime at this point (as I’ve said, I haven’t seen any evidence of criminal wrong-doing by the Trump campaign yet), it’s about their despicable lies. If you say over and over that Russia is a big nothingburger, never met with Russians, fake news, etc, and it turns out you’re crazily lying, then sane people will conclude that you’re an immoral liar and only a sucker would continue to believe that person about matters such as this. Clinton lied about getting a blow job. This was bad, and conservatives were correct that this undermined his credibility. Trump is lying about meetings by his campaign with the Russian government to win an election. And none of you care. Just pathetic and credulous denials.

As for Sessions, he’s already lied about this once, unless you buy his absurd “I just forgot” excuse. It’s possible that the intelligence intercepted by the U.S. is a plant by the Russians to cause confusion. But I’m certainly not going to taken Sessions’s word for it (already a proven liar). The more likely scenario in my opinion is that the intercepted communication is real, and Sessions lied again.


The Left has found their man (Trump), now all they have to do is find his “crime”. I agree with those who think Mueller will eventually come up with something - because he will not stop until he does. The only real question is how bad will that something be.

As I’ve stated before, this is ass-backwards from the way the justice system is supposed to work.

Why the hell Trump doesn’t turn Sessions loose on Hillary - the emails and the Clinton Foundation/Russian connection - is beyond my ability to comprehend. There is no reason I know why Sessions can’t appoint another special prosecutor. The email case should be simple - the investigation supporting her list of criminal activity, as listed by Comey himself, is pretty much completed.

Donald - stop the BS tweets and go for the jugular of these people by applying the legal apparatus at your disposal. Go on offense!!

BTW - Trump’s new Communications Dir, Anthony Scaramucci, just took CNNs Jake Tapper apart in sections this morning. I assume Scaramucci will be making the Sunday rounds on the political TV shows today. He’s really worth watching.


Stop with this BS, already! What “lies” supposedly told by AG Sessions have been “proven?” That he had forgotten a conversation he’d briefly had 4 or 5 months earlier? I forget what I said to my own wife last week…let alone a casual conversation with a stranger a few months ago–or even if I HAD one. If my father were running for office and someone called me telling me that they had the dirt on his opponent, you can bet your bottom dollar that I’d want to hear what they had to say–and even invite other members of the campaign staff to hear it too–as I suspect ANYONE would. There’s no crime there or even any marginal impropriety. Since the meeting didn’t produce any “dirt” that would be of use, I’d have forgotten the details 10 months later, too. Only a moron would keep harping on such a non-issue as if it had ANY relevance whatsoever, and the MSM is proving that every day. There’s NOTHING in any of this that indicates these so-called Russians were working for the Russian GOVERNMENT. The attorney in question was allowed into the country through an unprecedented involvement by the OBAMA regime’s AG. One of the so-called “Russians” became an American citizen years ago and there’s no proven connection between the third “Russian” and Putin or his government. Try to be just a LITTLE bit objective and rational, why don’t you?


For the Trump haters if he doesn’t cross the t or dot the i, it is a lie. They are a peculiar combination of progressives, establishment Rs and Ds, Deep State swamp critters and confused conservatives. The all share one common characteristic. They are elitists who do not want the people to self-govern in a representative republic.


Which is absolutely true, there was no meaningful contact with the Russian Government as evidenced by your attempts to say that the female attorney WHO OBAMA BROUGHT IN TO MEET WITH DEMOCRATS is somehow the equivalent of Putin’s right arm.

And the absolute COMPLETE LACK of evidence that ANY MEANINGFUL INFORMATION was passed to the Trump campaign is another fact that screams “Fake News” is all you have.

And of course the kicker, even if Putin himself had handed Trump a file with 100 different pieces of evidence of Clinton’s crimes it would still be absolutely legal and appropriate for Trump to take that file and create a thousand campaign commercials describing what was in them.

Only the parts that were your analysis.

Name them please, with the quotes (not your opinion of what his quotes meant)

He did meet with the lawyer, she is in no way tied to Russian Intelligence, her opinion of who Putin was rooting for is just as meaningless as yours or mine.

You have NO evidence that she is in any way tied to Putin or that she had ANY information that was not already well known by the Wikileaks dump, the fact that she claimed she had some good dirt is meaningless just as it would be if she did indeed have some good dirt. Trump Jr. was meeting her anyway and there is nothing wrong with checking out her claims on Clinton dirt in the process, in fact; any person in any campaign should be fired if they did not check out such a claim.

Please list the quotes, (not your opinion of what the quotes meant)

You mean like leveling blatant accusations with no evidence based only on fake news while simultaneously supporting an opposing candidate who committed Treason and lied continually about it for a year and that has been PROVED by the FBI who presented the evidence to Congress?

Physician heal thyself.

Nor is ANY dirt that ANY campaign discovers EVER “Reported to officials” unless and until the timing is right for the campaign that has the dirt.

None of which is relevant in this case because there is no evidence that Russia had anything relevant or helpful so what exactly would that “report” have consisted of?

***“Hello, FBI? This is the Trump campaign calling, we just received a non specific offer for some dirt on Hillary Clinton that might help our campaign, the woman says that she got it from Russian Officials who would like to see us win; just thought we should let you know in case you wanted to intercept the information and hide it next to all the other evidence against Clinton that you are already ignoring” ***

Except for evidence which does not exist, and a motive for covering up a perfectly appropriate and legal activity that every campaign has always done because that is how campaigns operate.

I would like to know what you are seeing that “appears to be a coverup”, you cannot even define a law that might have been broken as you condemn the entire Trump circle in the absolute.

All the while ignoring the EVIDENCE that is on full display proving that the candidate YOU supported committed multiple felonies and Treason against the United States by secretly trafficking in classified information in exchange for laundered political contributions to her own campaign.


That is an interesting albeit indefensible definition of “Morality”.

Why would he? The “meeting” netted NOTHING; the Trumps are business family and anyone in business knows that you don’t waste your superiors time discussing every dead end that you checked out.

In fact, that is precisely WHY you have underlings in charge of stuff like this; to toss out the dross and keep the gold.

Russia is a “Nothing Burger”, nobody ever said that they did not meet with any Russians (They said that they did not collude with the Russian Government in hacking our election), and it is ALL “Fake News” since there is;

NO evidence
NO suggestion that any identifiable law has been broken
NO indication that any information that was helpful was ever offered or used by the Trump campaign
NO law that would have been broken even if there had been information offered that was helpful

Since the only candidate in the previous election that is known to be guilty of this is the one you supported…Are you saying that you are a sucker for continuing to believe in the fake news that the other supporters of your candidate keep offering?

Session’s has not lied, your attempt to say that a handshake in a room full of people is the equivalent of a “meeting” is not convincing anyone that Sessions is less of an honest man; it is only convincing people that those who are claiming Sessions “Lied” are not honest men.

And you will be disappointed again just like all of the character assassins who have thrown their lot in with the corrupt side, and I would bet that none of you will ever repent for any of it.



Trump Jr received an email saying that the Russian government wanted to collude to help Trump win by giving them dirt on Clinton. Trump Jr. said “I love it.” Even if the Russians didn’t deliver the goods (and we don’t know if they did or didn’t), then we know Trump Jr. really wanted to collude with the Russians if given the chance.

Let’s put aside your hilarious denial regarding the lawyer’s ties to Russian intelligence (your position is getting more and more pathetic); Trump Jr certainly thought she had those ties, which is why he took the meeting. Intent is important. Even if it’s not criminal, it’s still morally suspect to say the least.

And then he lied about it over and over.


The only people who give a damn about the “Russian Collusion” BS are Democrats and their media handmaidens - both of which are attempting to emasculate Trump and neutralize November’s election.

Sessions runs across a Russian ambassador in a greeting line at a dinner and it is defined as a meeting and Sessions is grilled and ridiculed for hours because he failed to report it.

As for Trump Jr, does anyone believe Debbie Wasserman Schultz would have turned down the meeting with the Russian attorney if she believed the attorney might have “dirt” to offer on Trump?

Does anyone believe the Russians would rather face Trump across the table than Hillary “Russian Uranium Deal” Clinton?

A couple of people on this site need to grow up.

I hope Sessions wasn’t standing at a urinal next to a Russian while they were both taking a piss in the men’s room - and if he was, I hope he reported it.


You mean the far-left media handmaidens such as the National Review, Wall Street Journal, Weekly Standard, and Krauthammer?

> Does anyone believe the Russians would rather face Trump across the table than Hillary “Russian Uranium Deal” Clinton?

Have you failed to notice that Trump is a buffoon who walks with bluster and carries a wiffle bat? There is exactly one person resisting bipartisan efforts to increase sanctions on Russia in response to their attempts at election interference: Trump. There is one person trying to roll back sanctions and increase partnerships with the murderous dictator who arms the Taliban against our own troops: Trump. Of course Putin would rather have Trump. He’s the softest politician on Russia in all of American politics.


Have you failed to notice that after a year of inquiry/investigation by virtually every body of government there is ZERO evidence of criminal wrongdoing by Trump - unlike with Hillary Clinton.

Trump is like a bull in a china closet and VERY often politically inept. On a personal level, I think him to be a POS. However, while I think buffoonery is indicative of political ineptitude, the last I checked it buffoonery is not referenced in any criminal code and is not impeachable.


It’s pretty bad if your defense of the POTUS is “he may be an immoral lying pos, but no one has proven he’s a criminal yet!”


I think President Trump MAY turn out to be the wiliest, smartest “politician” we’ve seen in decades. Much of what he does and says is, I believe, a brilliant rope-a-dope tactic while he gets his agenda implemented despite elitist opposition.

BTW, J. Anderson, the Weekly Standard, WSJ, etc. ARE elitist publications–except for those in control of the WSJ editorial pages.


Yes Pappa - they are all establishment Republican publications.

As for Trump being wily and playing rope-a-dope, I doubt it. I think it more likely that he runs the risk of alienating Repubs in Congress and perhaps even those in his cabinet. No one wants to work for an A-Hole who seems to take delight in publicly and repeatedly gutting his earliest and staunchest supporter.


I didn’t say they weren’t “Republican”…though much of what they publish ISN’T. I said they were ELITIST publications…because they ARE. To me, “Republican” means those who are for smaller government, a strong military, lower taxes and following the Constitution to the extent possible. None of these publications are “for” any of that. They are merely concerned with WHICH Party controls the national treasury and little else. I will concede that they are anti-socialist, which is a tick-mark in their favor, but they are NOT conservatives in the sense that I know what the term represents.

I would NEVER stoop to calling the President of the U.S. an “A-hole” nor a “POS,” though I probably came perilously close with Obama. Obviously, a large percentage of the American population agrees with me, too, or he wouldn’t have been elected. He says some things of which I disapprove, too, but he IS our President–and he’s doing a pretty good job of it so far.