Stacey Abrams in Georgia

Why would anyone want to vote for. Stacey Abrams?
Fox News calls any opposition to Abrams “fighting an uphill battle”. Why?
Who does the GOP have running against her? Richard Nixon? Adolph Hitler?? The Devil himself???
Surely the Georgia GOP has somebody , anybody that can defeat this political hack?
It’s time we Republican Operatives start OPERATING!

If the polls are to believed, Georgia is now a blue state if the Democrats run a Black candidate. Warnock is ahead of football hero, Hershal Walker, by 8 points if the polls are to be believed. Abrams, who is one of the most repulsive candidates imaginable in my opinion, is even with the incumbent.

If Abrams wins, she will run for President, guaranteed. She’s Black; she’s female (but straight so far as we know, but don’t hold that against her.) and she has a degree from Yale. How can she lose? :upside_down_face:? Don’t ask. If she has fewer votes, she won’t concede.

That’s about the way I read it . Thanks for the update

I think the Warnock/Walker race may exist in a bit of a vacuum. Especially as far as polls are concerned. Walker is a terrible candidate but people may vote differently come election day. I think the “generic D/generic R” polls are more illuminating than specific candidates.

It’s a good thing you didn’t leave out any important details voters in Georgia might want to know about Walker.

You “progressives” are disgusted with Donald Trump and hate his guts.

I am equally disgusted with Stacy Abrams. We each have a right our opinions concerning public figures.

And, yes, 90% of Blacks have voted Democrat since the early 1960s, and look what’s gotten them. Lousy schools in crime ridden cities with little hope of upward mobility. Too many Black leaders have taken advantage of their own people. If you need “a poster child” for poorly run Black government, look no further than Chicago and Mayor Lorie Lightfoot.

She’s a woman!

She’s Black!

She gay!!!

That’s all we need!

Can she do the job?

What’s that got to do with anything?

Racist! Homophobe!

She may be all of the things you’ve said but the city has been running smoother than ever. I live close enough to get radio stations and their news in. I have friends in the city. Most democrats were machine democrats and she broke that mold.

The U.S. GOP has good candidates for President, but it looks like it’s going to be Trump instead; the one guy who, as an incumbent, could lose to Biden…

That’s not what I’m hearing.

You listen to like far right family talk radio and other right wing news sources. I have 3 friends who live in the city. She actually cares about all wards not just the machine wards. It used to be a machine city where favor trading was like the only way to get ahead. There is a huge difference between the Ultra Wealthy Chicago and Chicago Northside and the ultra poor south side of Chicago.