Stacy Swimp calls on the disbanding of the Congressional Black Caucus


This is one of the members of “Project 21” and the “Frederick Douglass Society”. Wow…what a courageous man! I urge you folks to visit the “Project 21” website to read more professional and well-educated black conservative views. They are amazing!

The video: Stacy Swimp Calls On The Congressional Black Caucus To Disband! - YouTube

Here is their website: Project 21 - Black Conservative Leadership Network


I have considered the Congressional Black Caucus a joke for years. Racism is their game and they even want Obama to be more anti-white or anti other race in his dealings.

Under Obama this nation has seen a rampping up of division with gangs of blacks running around hurting people and openly causing property and other damage. I see a Justice Dept that ignores such actions.

When I read comments to articles I am seeing more and more comments about some black guy being labeled the son Obama did not have and more comments along the line of KKK members talking.

All this shows that racial strife has increased under Obama with the help of the media and politicians labeling everyone a racist if they disagree with anything Obama says.


Samspade: I’m just grateful that there are intelligent blacks out there who don’t buy into the whole “slavery–poor me-it’s-all-whitey’s-fault” mentality. I have great respect for these folks because not only do they get derided from liberal whites, but also from their own people. Men and women like Dr. Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Condoleeza Rice, and Dr. Carson are probably more hated by their own people than by liberal whites. It takes a lot of conviction and courage to stand against your own people.


“Black Student Unions”, “Black Proms”, Black Spring Break", are all just fine.
“White Student Unions”, White Proms", White Spring Break", are not allowed because they would be racist.
I just don’t get the logic of it.

Black Caucuses in any part of Government are racist.
What if the Black Congressional Caucus was predominately Republican? Do you think it wouldn’t be before the Courts for racism?


[quote=“ClassicalTeacher, post:3, topic:38928”]
It takes a lot of conviction and courage to stand against your own people.
[/quote]True in one sense but since I am a dreaded white I have no problem speaking out against members on my own people. The problem lies with those who use a them against us mentality rather than what is right.


Good point, Natstew!


Want to add this:
Around 1998, I was staying at the Daytona Beach Hotel and Convention Center at the same time Black Spring Break was in full swing. If I hadn’t had made reservations six months in advance I couldn’t have gotten a room. There were Black students in rooms on both sides of me and they were very courtious and mannerly. Out on the balcony they offered to hand me drinks and joints, which I refused, (I was at an AA Assembly), but enjoyed their company very much. I didn’t hear of any of the problems that usually acompany reguar Spring Break. I’m not knocking Black people, but questioning the need for segregation after everything that has been done to do away with segregation? In other words, I’m not criticizing the people, just the institution.