Star Trek: Into Darkness


This isn’t Star Trek. :angry:


I don’t expect to see it, but I saw the first J.J. Abrams Trek; I think he murdered it.


I havent seen it yet but if its anything like the 1st one JJ did thats not surprising


I can reveal spoilers if you want, but basically the plot makes absolutely no sense and they ruined classic characters. They also essentially parodied classic Star Trek films and perverted the deeper meaning in Trek. I let the first one slide, because everybody needs to get into the grove of things when they’re making a movie or TV show or something, but this was inexcusable. The only thing redeemable was Chris Pine, who seems to be more Kirk, less frat boy.


**** Possible Spoiler Alert ****
(Although precise plot points are not mentioned – only one thing I mention in particular should be recognizable)

Just got back from it.

I give this movie a 1 and a 10. A 1 because it still plays goofy with cannon while trying to stay true to it. A 10 because it was an exceptional movie. If they stopped lying about trying to stay true to cannon with changes written off to the Butterfly Effect, they’d be better off because it keeps coming unreasonably close and unreasonably distant compared to the original timeline.

I enjoyed it more than the first. I felt like everyone beyond Urban and Quinto, who were exceptional out of the gate, started hitting their characters (even Simon Pegg, my least favorite), not exact copies, but something like them. The movie even felt like Star Trek in so many places. I thought it brought back, if a little fast-paced, many of the same discussions that were interesting in the original universe. It actually packed quite a lot in under the action, which had the technology been available would have been all over the originals too. The foreshadowing in the volcano of the reversal on the Wrath of Khan II scene and then the execution were well done and thematically appropriate to what Kirk and Spock must learn in this movie, to the growth of their friendship. The line-for-line exchange ended when it came time for the line that “I have been and always shall be your friend.” Instead it introduced the friendship and bond that defined those two characters. That said, that was the pinnacle of the moderate Lucas-style CheezWiz in a film filled with faintly possible coincidences delivered in big-time Lucas style. J.J. Abrams is gonna rock the Star Wars universe. That scene was an obvious homage to the original, and it was executed well. I remember how I felt watching it on the big screen at a young age. It evoked every emotion I felt then. It was fair and respectful.

Trekky, as you say, Kirk (not Pine) was less fratboy. I think that’s the growth Pike was looking for. Kirk is 10 years younger than the original Kirk (due to Lucas Butterfly Effect Coincidences admittedly). It makes sense, and this film did a nice job moving him and Spock in the right direction. Pine and Quinto were excellent.

Then there’s the Lucas-style physics, 30-second flights between Qo’noS (spelled correctly goram it) and Earth, sorta reminds of the short sublight flight between the Hoth and Bespin star systems. Let’s not forget the epic communicator conversation between Kirk and Scotty, from Qo’noS space to a bar in San Francisco. And really? Individual transwarp from San Francisco to Qo’noS?

I loved this movie, and I hated it. Just like the last one.

I realize my soft spot for these new movies makes me a blasphemer, but OK. I’m still grumbly enough and true to my Trekker roots. And I still don’t like what they did to my starship!

And now, off to pilot my new Mogai Heavy Warbird with my new Romulan captain.


I was not a fan of the original Star Trek series because I thought it was just a bunch of Liberal crap masquerading as a science fiction show so when the recent reboot came out I yawned.

Then I saw it (at the constant nagging of my kids) and was surprised at how much I enjoyed it, I expect to like this current sequel as well since “staying true to the original concept” is not at all appealing to me.