Star Wars: Rogue One Movie




Looks good, but we have another Mary Sue hero.


I suppose one day I will see the last installment of starwars but from what I read it was panned. What next everyone is gay in the future?


I watch the new movie the other week and struggled to get through it. There are some things that need to stay dead. There was no need to necro the SW series.


It wasn’t bad, but it’s the original “Episode IV A new Hope” rewritten.
New Death Star type superweapon
New X wings
New Tie Fighters
Desert planet
A Yoda type character
A Darth Vader
Stormtroopers, but different.
Same Plot, almost exactly.


I guess that is what put me off. If I want to watch the original I will watch the original. Really wish they would have left the EU canon and just made this alternate timeline.


100% agreement.


Then it is so. You’re in charge! Those stories still exist :slight_smile: Just look at the comic book world (and all the fanboys growling about how the movies did it wrong, never mind the six alternate timelines in the comics).

I think you guys are in for a pleasant surprise as this trilogy develops. And this new one just looks awesome. It looks like different ones will also center on Han Solo and Obi Wan.


I have yet to be impressed and the Michael Bay trailer for Rouge One is less than appetizing. I didn’t have much of an issue when tey started making the Clone Wars series for kids. it stayed within canon and like the prequels was for kids and was crap. They eradicated tons of stories just so they could give it a “fresh start”. It didn’t need it. Abrams did it right with Star Trek. It is an alternate timeline that fits in the canon, but with Star Wars he should have asked Disney to make it a alternate timeline instead of shredding the EU for no reason. Disney took a risk and I’m afraid it is going to hurt the franchise.


I hope so. I like the new trailer.

I much preferred the EU up until Vector Prime. After the Vong were defeated, it got interesting again.


Meh, a movie is good or not. I don’t care about canon or whatever. Neither do most people. That’s hardcore nerd stuff.

If you’re caring about things like timeline, you’re thinking too much. Movies are a form of entertainment which is supposed to be an experience, not an intellectual pursuit. This is why strippers dance, instead of doing differential equations.


Coming to theaters near you


Guess that’s why I do not frequent strip clubs.

Its not so much about caring something is canon or not as much as it is just continuity. You do not take something that is true to the universe(and has been for years) and throw it in the trash just because. Stories are entertaining because things in that story appealing to the viewer. I can make SW into a intellectual pursuit but I chose not to. I am a hardcore fan of stories that make sense and have solid foundation not one that changes based on the whims of the owner.


The original formula was simple, good guys versus bad guys, underdog good guys win with character, commitment and sacrifice, reluctant heroes that experience redemption from their toxic attitudes toward humanity by being exposed to people and a cause greater than themselves.

Good acting combined with this formula and strategic humor always makes for a great movie whether it is a Western set in the 1800’s or a Space Age setting with laser weapons and light speed ships; it is an American parable and the world loves it right along with us.

The best of these are written coherently and stay faithful to the rules that they establish for their universe, the cheap versions ignore the importance of a coherent story-line and plug in plot devices to bail out the poor writing.

I don’t enjoy the cheap versions unless they are intentionally bad so as to mock the knockoffs, those can be quite enjoyable.


In my opinion, it neither fit with the original canon, nor did he do it right…


I just cleaned the remains of the last person who called me a nerd from the underside of my toilet seat. I should cook my food longer.


I agree. I understand that Disney wants to rebrand it for a newer and younger audience but some things are timeless and what the the original trilogy great was lacking in this first movie. This is just me hating on the story don’t get me started about the characters. Annoying is the best word I can come up with. Lets just have Mara Jade come from the “original” timeline and wipe them out. I would watch that.


From that preview it was all in the dark which does not appeal to me.


Back in the early 60’s I stopped reading comics. One of the reasons was there was a push to humanize the super heroes and give them normal problems. The Green Arrow lost his fortune. Superman was getting beat by little old ladies. This effort to undermine the force of the super heroes and take away from the message of those who fight for justice was a complete turnoff.

Since then there have been many incarnations of these heroes with things like a mexican superboy and heroes that were not around earlier. Today we have comic book makers putting out gay characters and transgender characters and undermining the message so that any mention of fighting evil is superseded by righting “social injustices”.

This has spawned the latest craze of adapting superhero movies to change the characters to other than what they were in the beginning. Now this is not a new phenomenon. The latest efforts to make the characters PC and sexual and gender specific has made the latest movies not worth watching.


I do not mind the humanization of superheroes. Despite being superheroes most of them are still humans they just have abilities beyond that of normal humans. It is not to much of a stretch tho imagine that they would have their own problems, especially Batman. As for making homosexual versions of superheros it is nothing more than the usual pandering we see to minority groups. Just are just trying to sell comics at the expense of good writing. I have read many books with gay characters but the author of those books never had the need to proclaim it to the stars and press.