The new Season of SG1 and SG Atlantis start Friday. I feel like a kid at Christmas. The only bad thing is that I’m in Chicago on Business and will not be able to see them until I get home. I love DVR. Sure hope my wife doesn’t forget to DVR them.

And the new guy is the old guy from Farscape :biggrin:

I have been hearing a lot about that show. Problem is I haven’t seen any of the previous seasons, do you think it would still be worth it to start watching it this season? Also what channel is that on?

They’re on the Sci-Fi channel on a regular basis. They even have a day (Monday, I think?) when they show about 5 or 6 of 'em. We set our DVR to catch “All New Episodes” during any given week and we’ll usually end up with a dozen-or-so new’uns.

They’re also on Fox at least once per week, I believe.

I’m kinda split between bein’ upset at the new cast and anxious to see whether they’re worthy. The old cast was awesome.

I’m gonna be camping for nearly 2 weeks starting tomorrow, so I won’t be able to catch the start of Stargate: Atlantis. It’s gonna be COOL !!!

Stargate SG1 is great also. We just finished watching season 8 here and I loved it. This show has consistantly gotten better over the years.

GO rent the first seasons on DVD or you can buy them. Yes the show is worth it. Right now would be a good time to start watching it. Almost a completely new cast, All the old vilians have been destroyed so they are going to introduce new bad guys.

Monday nights on SciFi they run old episodes for 6 hours. Friday nights they run the new episodes along with Stargate Atlantis 2 times if you miss it, you can catch it at a later hour.

What did you think of the new cast? I know Daniel and Carter are still part of the show, what about Oneil and tealk? I guess I’ll either like it or be disapointed. Well I still have Sg Atlantis.

I think the new cast will be OK. O’Neill and Teal’c will still make cameo’s I think. I’m willing to give it a chance. BTW, how many times do you think they can kill off Daniel and still get away with it ?.

I’m REALLY pumped about Stargate: Atlantis. Go Daedalus !!!

Oh come on they only killed Daniel 2x’s. I think he has a life or 2 to give.

Teal’c is staying on full time. Carter will be back in a few episodes…One of my four home pages:

WOW…What a great season opener. It’s only going to get better on both SG-1 and Atlantis. Sure we’ll all miss O’Neill. Maybe we can get him to move his daughter up to Vancouver and get back to work someday, but in any case, Carter, Teal’c and Jackson are excellent characters (and actors) to carry the torch.

As far as jumping in on Season Nine as a new viewer. I got addicted around Season Four and caught up fairly quickly with what was what. Stargate does an excellent job showing what’s come before in long-running story arcs. As Dac says, most of the old villains are toast, but we’ll see Baal coming back this season and probably some more old faces…It shouldn’t be too hard to pick up on the story arc for a new viewer though.

Forget renting the DVDs – Buy them! :smile:

I don’t like the new setup nearly as much as the original one. I especially don’t care for that “Vala” character. I’m willing to give it a few episodes for her to develop, but on first glance all she does is grate on my nerves. It’s just so much more “campy” than what it used to be.

I’ve only seen one Atlantis episode (last Friday’s new one), and am kinda at a toss-up with that’un, but will also give it a while to see if I care for it more.

I did see the season opener of SG1 last Friday, but I thought it moved kind of slow (remember I haven’t seen any of the other seasons). I will give it a couple of episodes though.

TO, if you get the Sci-Fi Channel, watch the old’uns that come on (on Mondays, they show about 5 or 6 of 'em back to back, as well as one per day on Tue-Fri). Trust me, they’re awesome!

In fact, they’re currently replaying the very first episodes (Season 1) from 1997. This is the first I’ve seen the really old ones and they’re great. So far, they’ve shown the first three stories (actually, in four episodes, since the premiere was a two-parter). I’m impressed by how well this group of actors hit it off together right from the beginning.

I haven’t seen this years start for eitrher as of yet. I have them DVR’d but I am in Chicago on business. Anyone spoils them and I’ll break your legs.

My wife did call me and complained about the dominatrix. I can only assume she is talking about Vala. Vala was on a episode last season, I knew she would be back, but was hoping agianst it. She really got on my nerves then. I’m betting it wont be better now.

The Scifi Channel forum is full of fans trying to get her removed. Apperently there are not that many that like her.

They want my vote I say let her go.

Now on to TO.
Go buy the first season of Stargate Atlantis. Watch it entirely one weekend. You will be up to speed on that show.
As for Sg1 just do what Tex said, watch on Mondays. You will get the hang of it soon. Just dont give up yet. It really is a wonderful show.

Lets move on to Oneil

In my not so humble opinion. Losing him will not be good. His wisecracks and whit have made the character endearing to many. Does anyone really beleive his character can be replaced? Will Bridges live up to the charm and honor of Hammond?

I will reserve my judgement until I see a few episodes when it comes to the new cast. It always feels wrong at first when the cast is changed. Lets just hope it doesn’t lose anything. Remember when Daniel was replaced? Didn’t you miss him? I know I did. Jomah just didnt have the same apeal that Daniel did. I was releved when they brought Daniel back. Then he goes and gets killed agian. Yeah I know he is alive agian, but hey, he still died 2 times. Maybe he has the ancient cat gene.

Enough rambling already.

Dac, I’m glad ya’ brought up Hammond. I really hated to see him go too. He was a great character who was played by the perfect actor for that part. I guess (and you’ll know what I mean) he was the perfect contrast to the O’Neil character. They were complete opposites but both greatly respected the other.

I too prefered Daniel to Jonas; although I did “like” Jonas…he just wasn’t on a par with Daniel. As far as Daniel’s death experiences – he obviously eats death for breakfast, eh?! :cool: :biggrin:

As for that new gal, I flat can’t stand her. The BAD guys are the ones who’re supposed to be annoying and sleazy…not the good guys. I think they’ve gone WAY off base this season. With enough outcry (which, from what you’ve said, they’re doing) maybe they’ll catch on soon and change it for the better?

Oh well, time to pass the ramble-baton once again…lol

My wife did call me and complained about the dominatrix. I can only assume she is talking about Vala. Vala was on a episode last season, I knew she would be back, but was hoping agianst it. She really got on my nerves then. I’m betting it wont be better now. [/QUOTE]

Hahahahah…from the moment she told Daniel how she felt about him in that super low supersoldier voice on board Prometheus, I thought she was hilarious, but she mostly goes away when we get Carter back…least that’s what the spoilers on are showing. Too bad :wink:

OK watched them Wednesday night. Valla has to go. She is even more annoying than she was last year in the limited time she was on.

I will give it this season, if she is still on at the start of next, they just lost a fan. I have always thought of Stargate as a show I can watch with my kids. Noway will I let them watch with her on it. She is far to sexual for my taste.

I guess I’ll be a Atlantis only fan.

Now ya’ know I wasn’t kiddin’ about that goofy wench. She really is annoying huh? lol

The overall ambiance of the show has taken a weird and unpallatable turn too; it’s not just the Vala character that irks me.

I’m kinda anxious to “give it one more chance” tonight (part II). I might even give ‘em a few more episodes beyond that to come to thier senses, but I’m startin’ to think that just watching the old episodes of SG-1 and trying to get “into” Atlantis might be the only answer? Fortunately, I’ve only seen maybe 20% of the older SG-1s.

Just finished watching SG1 and Atlantis. Just a few comments.

First SG1:
I enjoyed Valla dying. Too bad she was resurected.
I like the new SG1 Commander, he has made a few wise cracks in the tradition of O’Neil.
Whats up with all the flash backs?
Whats up with the multi part episodes?

I dont see Shepard as a Col. lets see how it works out.
I like the Asgard on the Daedalis. He keeps me laughing when he talks under his breath in Asgard.

Keep watching, they will get better as the season progresses.

Fargate…er, I mean, Starscape…no, wait…Andromeda! (the new Doc)

Stargate SG-1 airs on FOX or it is syndicated. I usually see it on weekend nights.