Start of a new term




Ha :howler:


Actually, I think the lie “to faithfully execute the office of the President of the United States” came first…


Very valid point sir!


Be assured that this will not be the last lie of his second term.


I did not watch the spectacle today. Is it just me, or did the spectacle last longer than most previous presidents? It just dawned on me, too, that today is Martin Luther King, Jr. day. Now I see the significance. Nah…he’s not playing the race card, is he?? I guess maybe he’s just implying he’s fulfilled the “I have a dream” speech…


Never turned the tv onto live anything. Yesterday the DVR was a Godsend!


For those who “appreciated” the fact that Obama’s inauguration happened to land on the national holiday for MLK you might find it interesting that the Repub’s own John Boehner chose to invited Obama to the House Of Representatives on Feb 12 to deliver the State Of The Union. Feb. 12 being Lincoln’s actual birthdate.

So, Lord Obama has been able to show his MLK side and will soon be able to posture as Lincoln-like.

What’s next? Perhaps Boehner can invite him to the House to deliver the 2014 State Of The Union speech on December 25th!!


Let’s not give the megalomaniac one more ideas about his messiah-ship…


John Boehner has become Obama’s lap dog, his “bytch”.