State bill that would allow drug injection centers advances


Somehow I missed this story when it first came out!
(It’s a race for ‘braggin’ rights!):slight_smile:


As can be seen … It didn’t take SF long to capture another voting block!
(less than a year)

SF safe injection sites expected to be first in nation, open around July 1


Actually, that’s a good thing.

It will keep all the junkies IN the Independent Republic of Kalifornia, plus have other state junkies flocking to Kalifornia for an uniterrupted high (IOW, a good part of the state will always be high . . . not much of a change really).

I can think of no better place for junkies than Kalifornia. Kalifornia may not realize it, but it’s doing America a service: getting rid of junkies and herding them to the one place they can thrive . . . NOT among the rest of us.

To support that life style, which Kalifornia will now encourage, I expect THEFT in Kalifornia will rise . . . some of it violent and at gunpoint.


Alas, they’re not just talking about this crap in California. There’re at least one or two other states (I think NY was one) that are pushing for it.


NY is the same as Kalifonia . . . it will just provide a home for the junkies on the right coast.

Do you know what the other state is?


I can’t recall what or even if it was.