State Department Cut Libyan Security While Spending on Chevy Volts


State Department Cut Libyan Security While Spending on Chevy Volts
by Michael Patrick Leahy

11 Oct 2012

The Washington Times is reporting that at the same time State Department officials were cutting security for our diplomatic stations in Libya, they were increasing the budget for our embassy in Austria in order to purchase Chevrolet’s electric powered Volt:

[quote]In a May 3, 2012, email, the State Department denied a request by a group of Special Forces assigned to protect the U.S. embassy in Libya to continue their use of a DC- 3 airplane for security operations throughout the country. . .

Four days later, on May 7, the State Department authorized the U.S. embassy in Vienna [Austria] to purchase a $108,000 electric vehicle charging station for the embassy motor pool’s new Chevrolet Volts. The purchase was a part of the State Department’s “Energy Efficiency Sweep of Europe” initiative, which included hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on green program expenditures at various U.S. Embassies.

While the State Department Rules of Engagement for Libya signed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton within the last eighteen months specifically prohibits the stationing of Marines at any diplomatic station in that country, the American embassy in Austria has a full complement of Marines.[/quote]
Emphasis added. A glance at State Department “priorities”, how State handled budget cuts, and State’s situational awareness of what was happening in Libya. If I were to look at this - in light of State Department stupidity, Obama Administration attempts to scapegoat some amateur film maker and obscure what happened - after the fact and from a conspiracy-theory mindset, the only evidence I can think of that would directly argue against the idea that the Ambassador to Libya was set up to be killed is the fact that this is an election year, and Pres. Obama would not want a crisis like this close to the election. But I think this mess is easily explained by stupidity seasoned with willful blindness - the Obama ***MAL***Administration and State want to believe their “smart” ME diplomacy is working and want to believe that A-Q is dead.


State Dept. Confirms: Marines on 9/11/12 Were Protecting U.S. Embassy–in Barbados
By Patrick Burke
October 12, 2012

( – When terrorists attacked the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, on Sept. 11 of this year and killed the U.S. ambassador and three other Americans, there were no U.S. Marines deployed in Libya to defend U.S. diplomats, diplomatic facilities and classified information and equipment.

However, says the State Department, a Marine Security Detachment was deployed on that day to carry out those duties at the U.S. Embassy in Bridgetown, Barbados.

More on priorities … Marines for Embassies in Austria (above) and Barbados, private contractors and easily infiltrated locals for the consulate in Benghazi; Marines for safe places but less skilled, less supported and less (or otherwise) motivated rent-a-cops for a highly dangerous and volatile Libya. Makes sense to me!


Of course, because propping up Government Motors’ big flop of an electric car is far more important than protecting our officials in civil war torn middle eastern countries. [/sarcasm]


That $108K for the charging station really bugs me. I suspect that $108K is 35%-50% (maybe more!) of the current market value of many/most of the homes RO members own. Is that charging station gold-plated? Or is it a custom-built one-of-a-kind show piece necessary to support those high-priced poor-utility PC Turkeys?


My 3 BR ranch style home on 1.02 acres probably worth ~$90K (max). Therefore, the charging station would be 120+% for me. You live in the SF Bay area. You have no idea how much you are being raped wrt property values.


Actually, ConLib, I’m quite aware of how crazy SF Bay Area house prices are. I grew up in the Sacramento Valley, lived several years in Phoenix, AZ, have relatives who live in NE KS, and have family friends who live all over much of the US. As crazy as house prices are in Silicon Valley, $108K would still be something like 15% of our home’s market value, nothing to sneeze at. But whether $108K is 15% or 120% of the value of one’s home, it illustrates how crazily out of proportion and wasteful - in terms of taxpayer $$ - that charging station was. It takes up 50 or 100 square feet - the exact size doesn’t matter, it’s relatively small - and you plug cars into it over night. For $108K! That little utility at that high a price is a poor use of taxpayer $$, especially when there were/are more important things for which the State Department should have spent that $$ … like protecting embassies and consulates in unsafe parts of the world! Or think in terms of one’s annual income. For how many RO members would an annual salary of $108K be a 50% or greater raise? My hand is up for that!


I don’t disagree with you on the concept. I’m just telling you that electric cars here in the midwest are even less justifiable if you have to install a charging station that cost more than your home.

Whatever happned to the whackjob that kept trhying to convince us that the Volt is a good overall car for all Americans? Perhaps he bought one and now can’t afford to pay for anything else like internet access. LOL!


I suspect that the $108K was a substantially inflated price due to it being custom-built one-of-a-kind, located where electricity installations are old and buildings are older, and bought/installed at prices approved by cost-insensitive bureaucrats. Still, if the unsubsidized consumer-level price (including installation) is in the $20K-$30K range, buying a Chevy Volt costs as much as 2 moderately expensive, conventional, new cars (or four or five 1- or 2-year-old former rental cars from Hertz)!

If you are referring to Jazzhead, he pops in fairly regularly, most recently posting on a thread yesterday around mid-day, EDT.


I think he may have been referring to Rally-what’s-his-name who would defend the (milli) Volt to the death in a thread from a couple years back.