State of Disaster Emergency issued in Kansas due to stress on utility, natural gas providers

It seems basically the supply is being used due to unusually cold temperatures and the government, along with the power companies, are panicking as they know Joe Biden’s executive order on the pipeline will be detrimental to resupply. They are probably trying to preserve as much as possible. As a result people are being frozen out because of the actions of Joe Biden and other politicians.

Interestingly, we have lived in this area for 30 years and have had plenty of cold winters, as well as several unusually cold winters with sub zero temperatures. I don’t recall anything like these shortages, emergency declarations, and rolling blackouts happening during those times.

Our friends down south are dealing with extreme cold in areas in which people are not used to cold weather. Maybe reserves are not in as much of an abundance, but some of these states are relying partially on wind energy from turbines. Many of these turbines have developed moisture and have frozen in the extreme cold contributing to the problem. So much for “clean” energy.

“Because of the sub-zero temperatures which causes an increased energy demand and natural gas supply constraints, utilities are currently experiencing wholesale natural gas prices anywhere from 10 to 100 times higher than normal,” a release from the governor’s office said. “Those costs will eventually flow through to consumers, and increase monthly natural gas and electric bills.” Governor Laura Kelly

Obama made it clear, toward the end of his administration, that electricity prices will be going up a lot. He acted like he was happy about it and didn’t care who got hurt. He informed those who built coal fired electricity plants that he was going to put them out of business. The people who will get hurt the most are the poor, so Obama and the Democrats will have to crank up the welfare state to cover it.

Higher energy prices that are due to changes in demand and NATURAL changes in supply are something we have to accept and make adjustments to meet them. When I had a cost accounting job in a chemical company in the 1970s, higher energy costs made their plants obsolete and resulted in a complete reset of the industry. Part of it was caused by OPEC, but most it was a shift in demand and supply.

Higher energy prices, that are created by the actions of politicians because of their theories about the economy and the environment, are reprehensible. These politicians are well paid and have tremendously generous pension plans that will take care of them for life. They don’t have to worry about “the little people” and “the deplorables.” All they need do is sit in their government ivory towers and press buttons like “end the Keystone Pipeline”, “End all energy leases on all Federal Government land” and soon, “Impose a carbon tax which will raise the prices of everything we consume.”

The politicians will not be effected by this. They ride in government limousines, travel at government expense, and even have their meals subsidized by the taxpayers. It’s like Obamacare. The “little people” have one heath care plan, they have another much more generous one. The politicians made sure that they would not be forced to go on Obamacare … only “the little people.”

I knew “the progressives” will call this “class envy.” You darn right. It’s “ruling class envy.” Biden, Schumer and Pelosi are telling us, “Let ‘em eat cake.”

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only because they didn’t properly outfit them with the proper equipment for cold weather, just like Texas. Penny wise Pound foolish as usual