Statement on personal responsibility for abortion


[QUOTE=Americarnage;765551][QUOTE=PeteS in CA;765423]Abortion, in the vast majority of cases, is about the convenience of the woman, not any threat to her life. Courts have ignored the obvious fact that the unborn child is distinct, fully human, and (absent fatal intervention or early disease) in the continuous maturation process that starts at fertilization and ends in late adulthood. So abortion is legal, and abortuaries operate legally. The regs in TX were about women’s safety, not about making abortion unavailable (unsafe abortuaries could be shut down, if they could not comply with the regs; the same would be true for other ambulatory surgery centers if they could not comply with safety regs).

BTW, many abortions involve the use of a curette, a special type of knife-like instrument that is used to scrape the uterus. One slip, and the uterus is lacerated or perforated, with serious bleeding being the consequence. As I said above, in less detail, such an occurrence can be life-threatening, and speedy hospitalization critical (and delays, life-threatening).[/QUOTE]

Furthermore, the positive psychological influence of making a descision and being faced with the consequences of it is very clear. In around 97% of cases the implantation of the baby into the pregnant woman is caused by willing sex. The woman, however, realizing that a baby is on her hands, immediately refuses to take responsibility, thereby attempting to kill the baby and thus eliminate all traces of her own foolishness.

The modern liberal obsession with absolving people of their rightful responsibilities, from Affirmatoive Action, to lax crime bills, to drug leniency, and now abortion, is, dare I say, racist. The majority of butcher shops-er, “abortion clinics” are in black neighborhoods, drug lenient programs extend as far as African American communities and no further, crime bills focus on emptying our jailhouses of blacks, leading to [I]de facto segregation[/I], and Affirmative Action assumes that we, as black folk, are simply too dumb to make it into colleges of our own merit. I do not see how this kind of racially motivated policy benefits anyone, especially an American community that hasn’t taken shape until the last 50 or so years (and the wrong shape at that).[/QUOTE]