Statement on Ted Cruz's failure to "bend the knee"


[COLOR=#333333][FONT=Verdana][QUOTE]Interestingly, the pledge was designed to strong-arm Trump into not running independent, and it backfired on the GOP. After all this crap, Ted Cruz, the establishment’s last hope to override the people, was the one left [/FONT][/COLOR][I]on the spot and he earned his nickname in a campaogn farce gone wrong.

Sorry, but the establishment really screwed themselves over this time. Their attempts to strong-arm their own nominee after they thought they could devise some bullcrap strategy to screw that nominee over blew up in their face after every dirty ploy failed. In the end, Ted Cruz looked like a crybaby loser who ran out of adult after his low blows were responded to by even lower blows by the guy he was sniping at.

And you know what? He’d [I]kill ​to put Hillary Clinton in the White House because a run against an incumbent Trump would screw his reputation before the public like an old Coke bottle. His bull speech at Trump’s convention showed only one thing: Here is a blatant liar willing to screw up the nation for the rest of everyone on this forum’s (including me, my health’s a mess) lives to advance himself. He will spend the next 40 years getting fat off a “conservativism” that put Hillary in the White House for personal gain.