States look to curb union power


It’s about time that someone stand up to these union thugs. I had relatives that were forced to work for unions and they ended up getting nothing in return for being forced to belong to them.

Unions tend to protect incompetent workers and persecute good workers.


Well said.


Mr. Kasich also wants to eliminate a requirement that the state pay union-scale wages to construction workers on public contracts, even if the contractors are nonunion. In addition, he would like to ban the use of binding arbitration to settle disputes between the state and unions representing government employees.

Labor leaders, who argue that government employees are not overpaid, worry that many of these measures have a much better chance of enactment than in previous years because of Republican electoral gains and recession-ravaged taxpayers’ reduced sympathy toward government workers.

***A lot ***of the folks I work with are quaking in their boots. At my level at least, we are comparable to the private sector. We make a bit ($3-$5)less per hour then our counterparts but it’s made up in our retirement. It’s the folks a bit further up the food chain that worry. Those not necessarily in the Unions but their pay and benies are based on the Union deals.

The Union has the propaganda machine working full bore but it’s not working to good. They went right along with Strickland and offered up a 5% pay cut to “save the State”. The second that went in effect Uncle Ted started down the high speed rail path. Suddenly we had millions in the coffers to start buying land, that we’re stuck with now. This past year when it was looking like Teddy was going to lose he also went on a hiring binge. Lots of new management folks are in for a trip to the unemployment line.