Steele Gone! Free At Last, Free At Last!


The most destructive RINO in the the history of GOP Chairmen is finally dropping out of the election.

Michael Steele drops out of race for Republican Party chairman - The Hill’s Ballot Box

It took all the way to the 4th round of balloting for him to give up his quest to destroy the new Conservative GOP but better late than never.




Thank God!


I hope the new chair is better…


This is good news. That guy is a trainwreck.


Yeah, but is there any likelihood that his replacement is going to be less of a RINO?


Reince Priebus?


That’s what I’m worried about.

I would prefer that party officials be subject to election from the actual members of the parties, and not from appointed flunkies.


New RNC chairman is Reince Priebus. Anyone know anything about him? (I guess it’s a “him”).


Neat name, weird spelling, eeehhhhh that’s about all I know. anybody else???


I am sure the RINOs and the democrats are greatly disappointed because they could count on him to help their side


Reince Priebus, as I understand it, is Michael Steele’s toady…

The people who get to vote for the party leadership are the precinct committeemen (name varies from state to state). Those are volunteer positions at the local level. More than half of the committeeman seats nation wide are vacant…has anybody here volunteered?

The Precinct Project’s Blog

If there is a Republican Party operation local to you, I don’t want to hear any xxxxxing about the outcome of the election. I have no place to volunteer, no local party at all…


I was a committee person at one time. The people at the state level are the only ones who get to vote for the National Chairman. They include; The state chair, national committeeman and national committeewoman each receive one vote at RNC meetings and votes for RNC Chairmanship.

There are 168 people total, including; American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico.

50 states 3 members each, plus 15 = 165 (I can’t account for the last three but could be at large people.)



Wisconsin GOP leader Priebus wins Republican National Committee chairmanship - JSOnline

As the apparent front-runner going into the vote, Priebus has been in the crossfire of an insiders’ campaign that has played out largely through e-mails among RNC members and conservative blogs. Some supporters of other candidates have suggested that Priebus would be too beholden to Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, a big force in the party and a potential presidential candidate. Barbour’s nephew, Henry is a member of the RNC and an active Priebus supporter.

Barbour has improved since his days as Party Chair, this is not a bad thing.

The main criticism of Priebus was apparently his support of Steele in 2009, I won’t hold that against him right now.

I see reason for optimism.

And thanks for that lowdown on who gets a vote for this office Bucks!


I guess we shall see what happens now. I can’t say I knew too much about Steele but what I saw he’s wasn’t that bad. But I can’t say I would know what a GOOD chairman would look like.


“Afghanistan is Obama’s war” Nuff said about Steele’s intelligence in that statement.



The leftists hated Steele - that’s one reason I thought he would be good. I was sadly disappointed.


I met Steele at the Salute to Israel parade/concert in Central Park, he seemed liked a pretty good guy, and I talked to him for a few minutes. I think I helped him in the control of the now senator Paul.


Just heard on Fox news that he fired 1/3 of the staff with no plans or replacing them. Sounds like he’s at least trying to fix the budget there.