Steve Deace: I bought into neocon groupthink... but interventionism has failed


This is really good. Deace is an influential Iowa social conservative who has a radio show.

Interventionism is destroying Christianity in the middle east, democracy doesn’t work. Terrorists are empowered and created.


Another Neocon Ron Paul post.:dramaqueen:


You added so much to this thread, I thanked you for your post.



BTW…Ron Paul isn’t even mentioned in the video. It’s not my fault you don’t like the fact that the word “neoconservative” (neocon) is now part of everyday political discussions. It has been a part of scholarly discussions for a long time.


Now if only the neocon Ron Paul was in charge, why we would have been a muslim nation by now.


We need to have more Conservative Christians criticizing unjust wars, we can’t let it just be progressives doing it.


Yeah. Ron Paul would have converted us all!


Wow. Deace was back at it again!
Steve Deace: Libertarians were right, conservatives wrong about Bush era big government policies


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You added so much to this thread, I thanked you for your post.Bingo.




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[/quote]Bingo Yes I did I pointed out the mistakes of liberals


You’d been surprised how fast Christianity is growing among the Muslims in the Middle East. Just because we’re seeing all the persecution doesn’t mean they aren’t growing. The church grows fast and strong when they are under persecution. That’s part of why the church in this country is so weak - relatively speaking.


Don’t feed the troll.


I would say the church becomes more united under persecution but I can’t say it is a good thing. Under protection from the government Christianity would flourish more in my opinion.


Not sure who this is referring to (probably me), but when sam hijacks a thread and essentially says “blah blah” he deserves to be made fun of.


I don’t think it will flourish as well, as the Christians have too easy a time. I think that’s probably part of the problem in this country. Yeah, we have some persecution here, but compared to many countries, it’s minimal, and more likely to make people give up; in countries where persecution of Christians is the norm, they have to be really serious about their commitment, and that serious commitment will speak strongly to those around them. Christians are still strongly persecuted in China, and the church is growing by leaps and bounds.

Also in a more “Christian-friendly” country, Christians tend to get careless about their commitment, because it’s too “easy.”


I think you calling Ron Paul a neocon is one of the best examples of cognitive dissonance I’ve ever seen.


The greatest growth in church attendance in the United States was during the Great Depression. When people are suffering or under threat of harm
they tend to lean more on God.
For a few weeks after the terrorist attacks of 9-11-91 the church parking lots were overflowing in Woodville Florida.
“There’s no atheists in foxholes” - somebody


You don’t “fall into group think”, you are either susceptible to propaganda or you are not.

When someone admits that they were dogmatic about something based on nothing more than following the cow in front of them why would anyone view them as credible when they switch to another herd?


Just a curious question, this has kind of been bugging me but…*how *do you figure that?