Steve Forbes: Obama Sounds Like Third-World Leader



Isn’t that what Obama’s aiming for? (Not that I watched the video - slow dial-up, you know).


Naturally, Steve Forbes thinks the idea of changing Washington from the outside is very alarming.

Btw: “a third-world kinda guy.” He can’t even say that without smirking.


Which is why he’s a board member of the Tea Party movement, “Freedom Works.” :rolleye:

Btw: “a third-world kinda guy.” He can’t even say that without smirking.

He didn’t smirk as he was saying that, so one can only wonder if you watched the vid.


“FreedomWorks” is an astroturf organization, i.e. fake grassroots. It was set up by David Koch. The very fact that their board members are guys like Steve Forbes tells you how “grassroots” they are.

Looks like one to me.


This is just too pathetic to bother with.


The only reason grassroots movements exist is money from “insiders.” That’s the whole point of politics. The time when both sides realize this is when the entire system will collapse but of course there will always be “pundits” around to mobilize each base of more passionate people. Otherwise how would the public be aware that these groups exist?


I disagree. I follow them very closely and they actually are able to encompass all the sectors of the Tea Party-both traditional conservatives and libertarian minded people.

Steve Forbes isn’t exactly an insider either. I’m a fan of his. He has long been an advocate of tax reform, and now the gold standard, neither of which are acceptable to the parties in D.C.




FreedomWorks is probably one of the best “grassroots” organizations out there. They actually have taken up important issues and help true liberty candidates (like Kerry Bentivolio in Michigan) who face establishment opposition.


I’d inform him that David Koch is in favor of gay marriage, abortion rights, and raising taxes, but it’d be horrilbe to give someone a heart attack at such a young age, and all.


He maybe in favor of gay marriage however what we do not know is the context of how he is in favor. I could easily say I am in favor of gay marriage, but in context and under our current system I am OPPOSED.

I personally do not give a flying if you want to marry the stump in you back yard, and if bruce want to marry bob is it any of my business? But the reality is marriage is CONTROLLED and MANAGED by the federal govt and I want them the heck out!!! So I am also very much opposed to gay marriage as long as the feds control it. In fact I am not even sure why the govt ever got involved at all. I don’t care and I do not want to know…I suspect that had you asked me if I was in love with my first car I would certainly say yes, so what adults do in the PRIVACY of their lives is not on my radar. But the feds have put there.

Bottom line is get the feds OUT of our lives and we will all be better off…


Well shucks, I guess that makes him grassroots?