Steve Stephens murders innocent man on Facebook Live


Be careful Cleveland … still on the loose!
(Rumored to have already killed 13?)

CLEVELAND– The Cleveland Division of Police is searching for the suspect who shot and killed a man live on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

The murder happened on East 93rd in Cleveland. Police said the shooter broadcasted the deadly shooting live on his social media page and claimed to have committed other homicides. Police are still investigating those claims.

Cleveland police identified the suspect as Steve Stephens. He is 6 foot 1, weighs 244 pounds and is bald with a full beard. He is wearing a dark blue, and gray or black striped polo shirt.

He is driving a white Ford Fusion with temporary tags.

Cleveland police update on search for suspect in Facebook murder |

Below is the video if you really want to see it.
Not for children!


The elderly victim was walking home after having Easter dinner with his children.


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For a random act such as this, you should die as you killed.


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Facebook killer Steve Stephens dead, police say
Published April 18, 2017

> Steve Stephens, the so-called “Facebook killer” who sparked a multi-state manhunt after he brazenly gunned down a Cleveland man at random, killed himself Tuesday morning in Pennsylvania as cops closed in, authorities said.
> Stephens was spotted in a McDonald’s parking lot in Erie County just after 11 a.m. by a member of the public who quickly contacted Pennsylvania State Police. After a 2-mile chase, “troopers attempted a PIT maneuver to disable Stephens’ vehicle…As the vehicle was spinning out of control from the PIT maneuver, Stephens pulled a pistol and shot himself in the head,” a state police Facebook statement said.

I can’t say I’ll be mourning him.