Still supporting trump


How many Trump voters have changed there minds? We should CONDUCT a STRAW POLL amongst the INTELLIGENTSIA on this site and pass the findings on to the MEDIA.
Count me as still supporting Donald.


Ditto, Senator. While I was NOT a fan at first, I’ve become an enthusiastic fan since he took office.


He’s still not Hillary Clinton, which is all that’s required to maintain my support. Vastly better than my ahem limited expectations.


I literally don’t know anyone who went from reluctant Trump voter to disliking Trump. The reverse, I have seen quite a bit of.

I know more than few moderate dems who are wavering as well. The line basically goes “Yeah, he’s doing a good job with the economy - but he’s not nice…”

If Dems nominate someone nice - like Berine or Brown… they have a chance. If they opt for Cuomo/Harris/Gillibrand, Trump is a lock for re-election.


I STRONGLY SUPPORT Trump’s policies, the fact is he has kept, or attempted to keep, his campaign promises to an extent unlike any previous POTUS in my lifetime and he is tireless in pursuit of the conservative political ideals most important to me, and I believe most other conservatives.

That said, as one with conservative values, I find Trump to be - how should I phrase this - Oh, I know - on a personal level I find Trump to be a boorish POS who tends to have a strange desire to take focus away from his multitude of positive accomplishments by way of his incessant and often self-wounding and inane tweets and inarticulate verbal commentary.

However, while I sometimes wish he considered the consequences of his commentary, the quality of being a “wonderful human being” does not register an exalted place on my list of requirements for POTUS.

Rest assured, barring some calamity of monumental proportions,I will vote for Trump again in 2020 - I will do so eagerly and with much enthusiasm.

The alternative is to cast a ballot for an open border/hard-earned dollar confiscating Democrat. Only a mentally defective/ivory tower idiot would do that.


Yep, he’s doing the job he was hired to do, not filling the position in a way defined by enemies of the electorate. He’s fulfilling his contract with his supporters. One might say he approached the presidency as a professional challenge.


I voted for Trump because I could not vote for the Hildabeest. Now, I will vote for him in 2020 because of all the right reasons stated by others on this thread. I believe he is doing what he has promised and he is the “junkyard dog” regarding the dems and other critics. He is not afraid to incite them and then sit back and laugh at them. His feathers aren’t easily ruffled and he is what we’ve needed for many years. MAGA!!


I didn’t vote for him, although I’m pleasantly surprised to see him doing a number of the conservative things he promised to do. But he still leaves much to be desired personally, and I’m still a long way from trusting him on the whole.


He is still light years ahead of any competition I’m aware of… fwiw


I am very happy with Trump’s policies. I just wish that he could hold his tongue more often. He picks fights for no reason that hurt his image. His economic policies are sound and might be our last chance to hold the line against socialism.

The younger generation is pretty much brain washed. They are like my two nephews - a pair of college graduates who living with their parents with part time jobs. They can’t earn a living and get real jobs with their college degrees. They spend their days on the Internet spouting socialism.


He’s quite clearly nakedly immoral, lacking in even the pretense of respect for the most basic republican values. For example:

Two long running, Obama era, investigations of two very popular Republican Congressmen were brought to a well publicized charge, just ahead of the Mid-Terms, by the Jeff Sessions Justice Department. Two easy wins now in doubt because there is not enough time. Good job Jeff......

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) September 3, 2018


I wont defend or condemn the two Congressmen as I am not familiar with the details. My opinion only but I think Trump tweeted what EVERY American President would have said PRIVATELY in a similar situation. I think the tweet was aimed at Jeff Sessions with whom the President has other serious issues and the scandalous, hypocritical behavior of GOP leadership has made it politically impossible for him to fire his AG.

If this is naked immoral behavior for you, fine. I find it refreshingly honest.


Upon rethinking the matter, he is PERSONALLY egocentric and pompous ,sort of a Papa Doc of Haiti…white Idi Anin…Benito Mussolini…type. Sort of what you would expect to see as CEO of a major company…like the U.S. of A., inc…

  1. The LEFT hate his guts
  2. He ain’t scared
  3. He is doing his job.
    On those points he is my boy…


The appointment of Jeff Sessions is easily the biggest mistake that Trump has made in his presidency. The man is weak and clueless has Attorney General. His weakness has made Democrat partisan, Rod Rosenstein the de facto Attorney General.

At the same time Steve Bannon managed to muck up the Alabama senate race to the point where we lost a safe seat the Democrats … a perfect storm, a political disaster.


No, what is really disgusting is the fact that you Democrats have done everything you could do to prevent Trump from doing his job. You started before the inauguration with this bugus Russia story, and have continued with prosecutions that are totally unrelated to the issue.

You have sent a chilling message to anyone who is thinking of getting involved in the electrical process that we can bring the full power of the police state down on you if you oppose our Democrat Party candidate. Even if you are guilty of no crimes, we can use the threat of bankruptcy, brought on by legal expenses, to force innocent people to flip or confess to something. These are the actions of a fascist state, and we are fast approaching that given practices of your Democrat Party.


I totally agree but we cant just characterize the villains as the Democrat Party. Paul Ryan and Jeff Sessions are equally guilty as they have the power to put an end to ongoing attempted coup d’état. And don’t forget the financiers and cheerleaders: Chamber of Commerce, Club for Growth, Koch brothers, the Bush clan, and the holier than thou conservatives like George Will.



I could take some of you more seriously, both morally and politically, if your argument was: “I see and admit that Trump is a liar (extreme even by the standards of politics), that his administration is grotesquely corrupt, and that he is a moral abomination according to even the most basic ideas of republican government, but I still think Hillary would have been worse.”

That’s a position I can at least take seriously and understand. But to contend Trump is a great president; I don’t think it’s possible to hold that position and still be a decent or responsible citizen.


What do you think a President is supposed to do? It’s NOT to pander to those who finance him like Bush, Obama, Clinton or Carter did. It’s to promote the policies that they projected when campaigning in order to garner votes. I’m 76 years old and President Trump is the ONLY President to do precisely what he promised he’d do…keeping faith with his promises to voters. If he exaggerates or fibs a little, we KNOW that he’s doing it and also know that IT DOESN’T MATTER. What DOES matter is that he’s doing exactly what we elected him to do and nothing more. He’s NOT “corrupt”. Certainly not as corrupt as his predecessors or his current opponents have PROVEN themselves to be.


At any rate, I suppose my argument for this thread, in short, is that continuing support for Trump only makes sense if you think literally everyone else likely to be elected is even worse. If, however you believe that, in any even basic standard of good republican governance, that Trump is doing a “good job,” then I don’t see how that could be compatible with either moral or epistemic fitness to vote. Essentially, I don’t see how to avoid the conclusion that anyone who believes Trump is doing a “good job” is just a really bad citizen.


I agree that we should ALL be moral and “epistemic” in order to vote. WAY too many are neither–and most of them are Democrat voters, not Republicans. President Trump is responsible for a booming economic recovery, appointing two GREAT choices to the U.S. Supreme Court, defeating ISIS pretty thoroughly in Syria, the vast improvement of conditions for our military and for military veterans, the REMOVAL of stupid, unnecessary government regulations allowing business to prosper and the lowering of EVERYONE’S tax burden. In addition, despite what the media would have us believe, our international status is vastly improved over what Obama left us, despite President Trump’s insistence on STOPPING the financing of governments inimical to the U.S.