Still supporting trump


He is “monster” for you because he has made campaign promises that he has kept and has made life better for many hard working Americans. You don’t like that because you want the state to control people’s lives, and you will do anything to push that agenda. It would interesting to hear how you would make socialism work after it has repeatedly failed. Perhaps you believe that it can be done with all-powerful police state with the FBI controlling election results. When all of the political opposition is gone, you will reach your nirvana.


If you have that much of a problem with the boss, you man up, resign and then you can run your mouth to the press. Most of the time the the sore head is the flavor of the week and then slides off into obscurity.

This shows us how bad the federal bureaucracy has become. It does not answer to the Congress or the President. It has a life of its own, and if the judiciary is in the hip pocket of “the progressives,” they are answerable to no one.

I think that that “the progressives” should be called “the regressives” instead. They are like kings, queens and dictators. They are responsible to no one and are totally undemocratic in their approach to government. They are threat to more than 225 years of progress toward the formation of democratic institutions in this nation.


Well, well, well. The Leftist makes a judgement as to who are the worst citizens and we are supposed to take that seriously? Give me break.
I am a Patriotic American Independent Voter. If you think you can make it stick that I am a bad citizen, Bring It On, Kiddo.
I love the Job Trump is doing. After the Kenyan Imposter, Trump is a God send. Oh yeah, you probably don’t believe in God, either. Well than, a Mother Nature Send. Better? Sheesh!

Obozo was a much more prolific Liar than Trump. All of them , lie. Obongo was the worst liar of them all.
Draw whatever conclusions you like. Trump is duly elected and will be re elected, IMO. He is the President of the United States of America. Deal with it.


Mine, too, tiny.


A monster does not send his 757 to be outfitted to suit the medical needs of a ailing boy, and have him brought across country for medical treatments. He also brought a 9/11 First Responder from Florida to Ohio to have medical procedures.
A monster does not battle a city to allow Black and Jewish citizens in local country clubs.
A monster does not fly 200 stranded Marines home.
A monster doesn’t reach out to a Marine that Obammy refused to help, and give him cash to help him pay bills after being chained to a Mexican Jail cot for 7 months.
A Monster doesn’t help a woman save her farm after learning that her husband committed suicide to try to get money to pay for the farm’s mortgage.
A Monster doesn’t pay off a man’s mortgage, just because he stops at night and changes his limo’s flat tire.
Trump is a good man. Never drank, smoked or did drugs. His employees love him. His exes speak highly of him. He’s a hard worker, and has taught that to his kids.
YOU are more of a monster, than Trump. Take your propaganda and sell it to CNN.

  1. The only “Monster” that was on the ballot in 2016 was the candidate that you voted for.

  2. I did not vote for Trump or your Monster, but I have no problem expressing support for the job Trump has done so far as President.

You supported the personification of evil so pointing out Trumps flaws (which pale in comparison to what you supported) carries zero credibility.

I am still not sure I can vote for Trump in 2020 but I will be a very vocal supporter of the right actions that he takes while he is the duly elected President of the United States; and so far there has been much to cheer and little to criticize.

Character counts.

Trump has displayed the lowest possible when he lied about Cruz, his father and his wife in order to avoid debating him.

Trump has also displayed the highest possible character in refusing to abandon the agenda he was elected on in spite of absolute resistance from both Parties; the easy and common thing to do is just say “well I tried but we need more seats in Congress to get it done” and move on with perpetuating the status quo.

His behavior in the campaign crossed a line with me that I am not sure I can ever ignore, but I can say without reservation that the character Trump has displayed as President has been finer than any President has displayed in my lifetime.

Fighting to keep your word to those who trusted you when all of the judiciary, the political parties, the media and the deep state are throwing everything they have at you AND ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS for 2 years to get you to stop trying is the stuff Saints are made of and usually only in tall tales.

I am not bothered by honest talk that drifts vulgar at times, little can be said honestly about Trumps enemies without the use of vulgarity.

Actions are what reveal the truth about a mans character; on that front Trump is setting a new bar of excellence.


RET, he may not be what you consider a true conservative but I’m guessing that by 2020 you will give much more consideration into voting for him.


It just occurred to me…it is very pleasant discussing what Mr. Trump has done and what he will do rather than discussing what MIGHT HAVE BEEN had H.Clinton won…ya’ll just sip gently from your beverage of choice and savor the moment.


Those things don’t count, Tiny, because they were not forced by government agents with guns. The real heroes are the senators and congressmen who vote to have other people’s wealth confiscated for their generosity


I can’t; I don’t have any hot chocolate…


Totally agree, Tiny! Also, there is only ONE reason BO wanted to become president and that was he wanted to become RICH. And well he did.


Trump lies all the time. And yes, he is corrupt - as is everyone in Washington(even people like Bernie and Ron Paul). Everyone. I want Trump to burn Washington D.C. to the ground. My thinking is that whatever arises can’t possibly be worse than the state of the Republican party of 2015.

He’s been a great economic president because he’s the first one in my lifetime to fight for Americans workers instead of fighting for the Chamber of Commerce.

I think Clinton would have been a mediocre president. Basically a smarter version of George W/Jeb Bush. She’d have been a puppet for the Koch brothers just as the Bushes were. Just as Saint McCain was.

Why do you have a white supremacist as your avatar?

Why would you hold up ideas like this, as the ultimate example of wisdom and truth?


Neither George Bush was an “idiot” and both were fine men, one of the reasons I rejected Trump in the campaign was his supporters complete disrespect for some of the few decent men in Washington, there is never an excuse for attacking the character of good men; it is quite easy to disagree with political positions without demonizing people who have earned respect.

For the record I don’t think Trump is “corrupt” either, whether I disagree with some of his positions or not


Yes he is; he’s not just targeting China for “unfair practices”, he used scattershot tariffs against our own allies.

Reverse: most high paying jobs are in services because they’re value-added jobs, and those require more highly trained skill sets.

Most manufacturing jobs disappeared because of automation, not trade. A factory today can employ <200 people for tasks that use to take a workforce of 20,000.

Meanwhile, american Industrial capacity has only grown, not shrunk.

Once you put everything into context, and specific terms, e.g. “how likely is it jobs for making coat hangars would come back here & pay a good wage?” You realize how little there is to expect here.

We need a digital-era economy, not a rehash of the industrial era.

We need to do more of what China finds hard to do, not what they can copy en mass because they’ve now caught up to the industrial era.


Hahaha, Koch brothers and George Will are the villains now too. Oh, my, lol. Wow. Haha. The Trump age gives us no end of funny. The lefties, of course, despise real capitalists like the Koch brothers. Unfortunately, they think Donald Trump is a reflection of their values. Just funny. I gotta print your comment so I can show it to the lefties I encounter.


Obvious academics are obvious liars! They reject Milton Friedman and Thomas Sowell now too

Why is he negotiating in deals between me and Chinese sellers? What business does an unapologetic capitalist have butting into my business?

What? Who said that?! I’ve read so many funny things tonight.

That first Supreme Court justice was about as good as it can get too, I think. The single best thing about the Trump Administration.

Agreed. Hope your tariff dreams are fulfilled by then. I will never vote for him if he can’t achieve whatever his secret goal is by then and leaves us with anti-free market, anti-American, punitive taxes on American citizens for years on end.

Agreed. Of course, I think he has a long history of questionable character. And I agreed very much with Rush Limbaugh when he repeated the mantra, “Character counts,” all through the 1990s.

Hehehe. And CWolf doesn’t care! So, guys, is CWolf the Trump fan full of it or just honest? Is Trump a liar and is he corrupt?

CWolf, what do you mean by corrupt?

What lies has Trump told?

Not my favorite presidents, and I disagreed with them a whole lot, but I agree with this.

It really is…


I know these are troll questions, and this is some serious bad faith. But I’m going to respond, just in case anyone is confused about this.

There’s a serious debate in academics about what to do with the work of racists. For example, one of the darlings of huge portions of the academic left—viz. Heidegger— was a literal Nazi who once said that his entire system was designed to justify the rule of Hitler. Obviously, this is an awkward fact for them.

Few philosophers and otherwise theorists believe that the answer is to ignore the work of anyone who has ever said something racist. After all, that would mean basically jettisoning the work of every white person born before the 19th century. They were all racists. Tough pill to swallow, for sure.

The most sober answer, to me, is that we have to look at to what extent their system or fundamental ideas support racism. While many disagree with me on this, I think Heidegger doesn’t pass this test, and I would never personally use his work (other than to oppose it), because I believe his system supports racism.

I don’t think the same can be said of Kant, whose thinking on both morality and politics were thoroughly classical liberal. This doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be on guard when dealing with him, and looking out for racism in his thought. But it’s my opinion that his racism came out of the context of his real philosophy, and is not supported by it. Kant’s philosophy itself is fundamentally liberal; i.e. anti-racist. That is: there’s nothing racist about the categorical imperative, Kant’s arguments for republican government, or his arguments on the importance of individual liberty.

Some may disagree, but that’s my reading.


Pot calling the kettle black?


How about this, having your own ideas that you can articulate and defend instead of trying to selectively quote others out of context to justify positions that you cannot defend?

If that were tried we would not get gems like “all tariffs are Protectionism” followed by paragraphs of why Protectionism doesn’t work instead of relevant debate.

“Conservative Economists” means what exactly? Those who want to conserve the Obama economy I suppose.

I am not waiting for Trumps “dreams to come true” on the economy, I am enjoying the results of the Trump economy right now just like everyone else in the country except those who refuse to admit that he knows exactly what he’s doing.

But I suppose the reality is just a coincidence, we are really enjoying the fruit of Obama’s 10 year plan and it would be even BETTER if Trump was not using “protectionism” to hold it back!

When the results don’t align with your philosophy you either embrace a false philosophy or you are not correctly understanding your philosophy enough to know when it is being applied or abandoned.

Among Trump critics the Latter is true of some and the former is true of most, I see Trump embracing about 90 percent of the economic philosophy that I been advocating and explaining for many years; and I see it working exactly as I thought it would for all of those years.

Does that mean that nobody who operated under the crony system will have to adjust their businesses model? Of course not, economies are dynamic under any philosophy and those who refuse to adjust will always fail if they don’t; the strongest and healthiest economies change much faster than the stagnant economies that follow the Obama ideas.

But those who thrive in stagnation are happy, they have theirs so screw everyone else! I enjoy watching these kept men melt when they have to face competition from those they held under their government boot for so long, I thrive on crony tears :wink:


It was, which was in the same spirit you’ve been posting since Trump’s election. How that generated your most reasonable reply in years is a mystery to me, but hopefully it’s the first volley into you making constructive posts again. You used to be an interesting member with well thought out posts. It would be good to see a return to that.